Top 14 Adventures to do in South Africa this year Are you looking at visiting sunny South Africa and have no idea what to do? South Africa is full of things to do. You could literally spend a lifetime here and do something different each day. With so much to see and do, it can be overwhelming trying to plan a trip to this beast of a country, known as the rainbow nation. Resist the urge to dive into the depths of the Internet where you'll only wind up confused with big bags under your eyes. (Been there, done that, and

Solo Travel in South Africa Travelling alone in South Africa doesn’t have to be scary. Check out South Africa Adventures guide to Solo Travel “There is no ways I can travel alone in South Africa – I’ve got no one to go with.” Sounds like an excuse to us. An excuse that most solo travellers the world over seem to use fro delaying or even dismissing their plans of embarking on adventuring. Yes travelling alone can be pretty daunting but there are so many options available for those of you who don’t have a willing travel partner or friend all gung

Why are you not spending more time outdoors? What is your excuse? Too tired? Budget constraints? No time?  No idea where to go or what to do? In our annual survey we conducted a few months back we wanted to find out what the main obstacles are that prevent you from finding adventure. So you’ve just got a new job and that lovely boss of yours is loading you up with projects and assignments. What a terrible person he is. Maybe you’ve got a screaming 2 year old that demands your full attention. Maybe the closest you have come to

Top Things to Do in Cape Town Cape Town is the pride and Mother City of South Africa. From its laid back vibe to its mixture of cultures and of course the magnificent backdrop of the magnificent Table Mountain, this city is a traveller’s paradise. You are going to love it here!! Us poor old land lubbers that stay up country are making our vacation destination Cape Town. For us local South Africans it is one of the best destinations due to the fact that there is so much to do. And the variety of things to do is also

Adventure Travel Company – How do you know you have chosen well?  Adventure travel company choices – this is how you know you have chosen well! South Africa Adventures has come a long way since our humble beginnings. Our learning curve into the adventure travel arena started as bearded adventurers armed only with a dodgy laptop, personalities and humor to try and make it into the world of adventure travel. And we have done it all. From climbing some of the most dangerous and highest mountains in the world to getting charged by elephants in the Kruger park. And of