5 reasons to go on a fitness vacation
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5 reasons to go on a fitness vacation

A fitness vacation where health and exercise is the key ingredient is a new trend that is definitely more beneficial to your health. Many of us have this idea that a vacation is lazing on the beach reading a trashy novel waiting for the pink cocktail with the fancy umbrella and oversized meal to be served. But the times they are a changing.  And besides that, they can be fun and highly interactive.

Our professional and passionate fitness gurus will put you through your paces in some of the most remote and scenic destinations. What could be better than a functional training session on the beach watching the sun rise? Or a surfing session to burn away some of those unwanted love handles? Is the thrill of doing 500 burbees in the African bush while lions roar with laughter the ultimate experience that will stay with you forever?  Okay, so let’s maybe take the burpees out of the equation. They are evil things that can be replaced with so many other epic activities.

Having said that-here are our top 5 reasons for embarking on an epic fitness vacation in South Africa.

1: Get off the beaten track

We get it. Everyone has a favorite type of vacation. So we have divided our tours into 3 sections: The Beach, The African Bush and The Mountains. We have discovered some really epic spots for our activities. So not only are we keeping you healthy and fit but you are doing this all in the most beautiful areas of South Africa.

2: Learn new techniques

On all of our tours, travelers are accompanied by a professional tour guide who has extensive knowledge and experience in the fitness arena. Not only do we create the best calorie smashing training regimes this side of the equator, but they will be demonstrated and supervised by our fitness experts. And the best thing about fitness vacations? They are definitely not boring.

Yes, we include the traditional activities like functional or Kettle Bell training. But depending on the type of adventure, various other activities have been included that are a mixture of fun, hard work of course, and something new. Take our beach fitness vacations for example. Part of the itinerary includes sea kayaking to pound those shoulder muscles into another dimension. Then there is the option to go free diving. This will definitely not only test you physically, but mentally as well. And of course there is surfing and snorkeling. In the mountains, we have included rock climbing and bouldering to help shed some tears. I mean calories. So not only are you getting fit physically but you are going to be tested from a fear perspective as well.

3: Eat Healthy

Our fitness vacations are all about health and fitness. Our meals are going to be nutritious and wholesome. And you are going to need it given the level of activities we have incorporated into our training itineraries. But we haven’t forgotten that life is all about balance. So we may turn a blind eye on the occasional beer while watching the sun set. Learn from our experts on the correct way to eat- Especially when you are looking at maintaining your fitness levels or lose a couple of pounds. Remember, you cannot out train a diet.

4: A vacation with like-minded travelers

Have you ever tried to do burpees in the waves of a tropical sea all alone? If you have, I’m sure you would have got a few glances of pity. Now that is where the beauty of a fitness vacation is so beneficial. You will get to train with like-minded people who are just as crazy as you. And people are what you need. The group dynamics of like-minded travelers help increase the energy levels and will serve as encouragement and motivation for the group as a whole. And of course, through the challenges and suffering come some of the best friendships and bonds.

5: Come back from vacation feeling better

How many times have you come back from a vacation feeling bloated, guilty and unhealthy? A fitness vacation is a sure way to avoid that. You will be fitter, stronger and healthier. And not only that, you will have the opportunity to spend time with our seasoned athletes/guides who can help you improve on an area you may have been lacking or unsure of.  They can help with your technique and focus on some of your current weak areas-Whether it’s your core stability or your inability to do 500 burpees in 15 minutes.

What is the best thing about fitness vacations?

They are fully inclusive and have been designed by our highly trained fitness instructors who accompany you on all tours from beginning to end. All you need to do is show up and participate. No stress of organizing the vacation yourself. No need to worry about cooking or accommodation. And…..We know all of the best spots for the various activities. And…..you are going to feel good.

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