Beach fitness vacations in south africa sodwana bay

5 Day Beach Fitness Vacation

This fitness vacation is perfect for those travellers who have a passion for the ocean and beach.
South Africa
5 Days

Fitness Vacations in South Africa

Fitness vacations in South Africa are fast becoming extremely popular!  Why not kick start your metabolism and join us in South Africa for a healthier style vacation. Imagine the thrill and tranquility of a training session on a secluded beach while the sun rises. After a scrumptious healthy breakfast we head out to sea on a kayak to paddle with wild dolphins.  Maybe surf in the afternoon followed by Pilates as the sun sets. And of course finishing the day off by sitting around a roaring African fire staring at the millions of stars in the sky.

This is just a taste of what our fitness vacations are all about in South Africa. Choose from a range of different fitness activities, including everything from outdoor sports, like hiking and mountain biking, to classes like boxing, core workouts, yoga and Pilates. Combine your workouts by stepping out of your comfort zone and get actively involved in our many other adventure activities that will make you fitter, more relaxed and healthier by the time you leave.

Health and Fitness Vacations in South Africa – What to expect

You can choose from a range of different fitness activities ranging from outdoor functional training to mountain biking to yoga and Pilates. And we get it. A bit of adventure and cultural experiences along the way would also be an added bonus. After all you have traveled half way across the world so why not.

Our collection of healthy vacations has lovingly been designed to incorporate a mixture of fitness as well some mind blowing activities like surfing, hiking, rock climbing and diving. (Depending on what package you suites your personal requirements.  Not only will we out to experience some the most incredible scenery and fitness activities, you will also be leaving the shores on our beautiful country a lot fitter and a lot healthier in body and mind. Our collection of Fitness Vacation themes:

  • Safari
  • Beach/Marine
  • Mountains

Our chosen locations

We have been involved in the travel industry for over 10 years and have identified some of the most epic locations for our fitness vacations in South Africa. Focus on your fitness while on a South African vacation. A perfect way to unwind and de-stress in some of the most incredible locations. Whether it’s a warm sunny beach or majestic mountains or the African bush, we have the destination for you Health and fitness team

Our team of highly trained experts has been involved in the adventure fitness realm for over 5 years. They have an absolute passion for what they do and are keen to share their knowledge and expertise with you. They are dedicated to not only making sure you leave your vacation fitter and healthier but to ensure you have  an overall incredible and mind blowing experience that will stay with you forever.

What are the highlights of  fitness vacations in South Africa?

  • Focus on adventure filled fitness activities
  • Incredible locations
  • Healthy Food
  • Expert trainers
  • Cultural experience
  • Challenging and rewarding
  • Exiting and interesting activities
  • Diverse training schedules