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Rock Climbing Day tour in Johannesburg

Best Rock Climbing Day Tour Adventures in Johannesburg South Africa!
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Johannesburg, South Africa
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Rock Climbing Adventures in South Arica

If you are looking for a mind-blowing, finger numbing vertical vacation adventure then there is no doubt about it-South Africa rocks!  Whatever climbing adventure you are looking for we have got it.  From a short scramble over a boulder field or challenging yourself on a super technical 23 route, South Africa offers you a variety of gnarly climbing crags, grades and locations.

The variety of climbing surfaces varies from quartzite to sandstone. There are some epic climbing routes in most of the provinces; you just need to know where to look. And most of the time it’s the obvious one: it’s up.

Our full day, half day and even multi day tours are an excellent introduction into the sport of rock climbing. No matter what your experience we cover the major essentials involved in a safe and successful adventure.We touch on the aspects of equipment use and care, knots and rope work, basic belaying and descending and off course-CLIMBING. Our choice in climbing venues provides the perfect opportunity to make the beautiful evolution from a single-celled indoor climber to an intelligent organism known as a rock climber.

And all of this is done on real, hard, soul encompassing rock.  And don’t get us wrong. We are not saying that climbing huge massive cliffs is the only road to climbing nirvana. We just want you to at least get above 3 meters of the ground.  And that is where our team of enthusiastic guides comes into play. Our guides have an absolute passion for climbing.

And they want to share that passion with you. The pace and routes are adapted according to your climbing abilities and experience level. Choose to learn specific climbing skills and techniques or just totally challenge yourself with a finger busting vertical workout. And what better way to do that at your own pace on some epic South African rock with the best scenery we could find.

The thrill of rock climbing in South Africa

We have been climbing for many years. And we always get asked the question. Why? Now what if the usual mouth breathers muttering around the campfire morphed into keen-witted philosophers who could articulate and deconstruct the paradigms surrounding the mystery of why we climb.

What would there answers be? Does it set you free? Does it make you live in the moment? Does it create a sense of accomplishment that supersedes any other experience?  Or does it boil down to the notion of ‘because it’s there’. Well the only way we can help you answer that question is by joining us on one of our incredible adventures. Hopefully we can help you find the answers. Spend more than a few beers around the campfire and you find that climbers are philosophers.

Or let us rephrase that. We think we are. Climbers seem to be more interested in the ‘why’ and ‘so what’ behind the ‘what’ of climbing. All in all you are guaranteed of a fun time where friends and epic experiences will be made.