3 Day Drakensberg Trail Running Adventure

The Cathedral Peak Trail Running Adventure is led by one of South Africa’s elite trail running experts, Bruce Arnett.
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3 Days

South Africa’s Premier Trail Running Company

Welcome to South Africa’s first dedicated trail running vacation Tour Company. If you love running and you love to do it in some of the most remote and awe-inspiring destinations, then South Africa is where you need to be!! Our team has an absolute passion and commitment to this incredible adventure activity. Our team love racing!!! But what they really love is running!! What could be better than running through unspoilt mountain terrain with some of the most awe inspiring views that nature can throw at you?

Our objective is to create the most epic trail running vacations and routes in South Africa. Our primary destination is the majestic Drakensberg mountains. Our tours are designed and led by professional trail running experts who have an intimate knowledge of the terrain, routes and conditions. We offer full logistical support from transport to accommodation to meals. Our tours are designed with the ‘recreational’ runner in mind. Besides the burning legs and occasional cry of ‘how much further’, the emphasis on our tours is to enjoy the majestic landscapes and freedom of the mountains. And yes, the routes are suitable for all you ‘weekend warriors’ who want to experience this epic adventure activity.

Your enjoyment and safety is our main concern. With this in mind, we consolidate our groups into runners with the same experience and fitness levels.

What makes South Africa Adventures Trail Running different?

Our tour leader Bruce Arnett has an absolute passionate for trail running. He has been involved in the sport for over 20 years and has been given the title of Mr. Sky Run which he has won 12 times. Just to let you know a few facts about The Sky run- it is a grueling 100km self-supported race in the Witteberg Mountains close to Lesotho.  The average height is about 2300m and most of the path is unmarked which means runners need to survive in a really harsh environment with nothing but their running pack and their GPS.  So yes you are going to be in good hands with Bruce.

Bruce Arnett is one of South Africa’s best known trail runners. He has won over 50 marathon distance or longer trail races around the country including winning the country’s premier 100 km mountain race, the Skyrun 13 times. He has represented his country at the world ultra trail champs, placing highest amongst his national teammates at the event.

He is a devout lover of the Drakensberg and has been visiting these mountains for over twenty years. Whether to hike or run his ramblings have covered most of the network of trails that cover the northern part of this range and many routes without any trail at all in the adjoining vastness of Lesotho.

Why choose us?

We offer full support in all aspects of the various tours we offer. We are constantly updating our FAQ’s with articles and advice on trail running in South Africa. The sport is pretty complex in terms of training regimes, nutritional advice and of course the logistics of the routes.

Together with Bruce we compile some really informative articles that will make your trail running vacation in South Africa a truly memorable one. And of course you have full access  to our trail running experts who can answer any of your queries that you may have.

Our tours are designed to incorporate your own personal fitness and experience levels. Choose from some of the more challenging trails to intermediate ones. Because we group runners of similar fitness levels together, you don’t have to stress about holding up the group.

We will guide you through the pre-tour requirements and will do an assessment to determine your requirements and grade of trail run that will suite you.

The destination for our trail running vacations

South Africa is home to some of the best trail running on the planet. There are so many unique and ‘off the beaten track’ destinations to choose from. We have however decided to make use of the Drakensberg mountains in Kwa-Zulu Natal as our base for all of our trail runs. These majestic mountains offer varying degrees of difficulty and distance in some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in South Africa.

Are you looking for something more challenging?

As mentioned, we can cater for all your requirements. We can custom make a run according to your specific fitness levels and expectations. If you would like to challenge yourself to an 80Km Mini Traverse run along the top of the escarpment of the Drakensberg we would love to be a part of your experience!!!