There is no better gift than adventure

We offer Adventure Travel Gift Vouchers from R500 to R50,000.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

What do you get someone who already has everything?

We all know of that person that has lots of materialistic ‘stuff’. Who needs more of it? If there is one thing that you can’t ever have too much of, it’s memories. Studies have shown that experiences bring people more happiness than material possessions. Take adventure travel for example… the anticipation of the adventure often brings an additional element to the ‘happiness factor’ well before the adventure itself.

So make someone very happy and give them an experience they will never forget. Treat your loved one to the experience of a lifetime, or make their dream adventure that much more achievable by helping them get there with a gift voucher.

Birthday and Christmas Woes

We get it!! What the heck do you buy for a loved one for their birthday or Christmas? Well if that loved one is into adventure and travel then maybe consider buying them an unforgetable travel experience instead of a physical thing that will just gather dust. We have a selction of adventure travel gift vouchers to choose from.

What can the travel vouchers be used on?

The vouchers can be used for any of our activities, day tours, hiking adventures, scuba experiences and safaris that we sell on our website. Basically any adventure that we offer.

How does it work?

You can choose any value you want from R500 to R50,000. The vouchers are valid for 18 months.

How do I pay for my adventure travel gift vouchers?

You would need to pay directly into our bank acount. But not until you have contacted us so we can best work out what you want. We will obviously need the names of the person you are buying the voucher for. Once payment is received, we will email you the voucher.

Can I buy a voucher for myself?

Yes you can. We would just need your name as the recipient.

Is the voucher transferable?

Yes. We understand that life happens. If the person needs to transfer the voucher to someone else, we have no problem with that.

Adventure Travel Gift Voucher Ideas


Adventure travel is the gif tthat keeps on giving. Whether its  hiking in the Drakensberg, SCUBA diving or even tackling the might Kilimanjaro, the experiecne is something that will stay with your loved ones forever. Consider surprising them with an adventure of their dreams.


Safety first people. A happy wife is a happy life. Stay out of trouble and score mega points by surpsring your loved one with a voucher dedicated to making their dream holiday a reality.


People who get married are going to go on honeymoon. So why not set up a honeymoon fund or gift the newly weds with an adventure travel voucher contribution to their next romantic tour.


Set up adventure travel incentives to reward your employees or as part of year end gift packages.

Students and kids

We all know school holidays can be very challenging for kids and students. There is always the inevitable qyuestion of what to do with their time. Send them to us. We have a selction of great advetunture activities that will stimulate their adventurous spirit. These include rock climbing, hiking and scuba diving.



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