6-hour Cape Town city and Table Mountain Tour

Join us on this incredible day tour of Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities in the world! If you have never been to Cape Town before then this tour is a perfect introduction into what South Africa’s Mother City has to offer.

There is no other city in South Africa that can match its sheer awesomeness and beauty as its mountainous spine known as the Cape Peninsula bonds with the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The most famous landmark by far is Table Mountain as she rises over 1000m into the Cape Town sky. The Mountain is often shrouded in a mystical layer of cloud known by the locals as ‘the tablecloth’.

The Mountain looms up like a sentinel protecting the city that divides Cape Town into distinct zones that include forests, vineyards, public parks and desirable real estate opportunities. From the summit of Table Mountain, there are some inspiring views.

To the North you get a view of the city, Victoria and Alfred Harbor area, and the many ships waiting to dock. To the west, under the towering mountainous formations of the Twelve Apostles lies the Atlantic sea board and the area known as Camps Bay and through to Clifton- Cape Town’s most affluent area by far. Nestled below Table Mountain lies the city center.

It is here that we get a feel for the real soul of Cape Town, a city bursting with rich cultural heritage that is alive with excitement and adventure.

How long is the tour?

If the weather is good and the cable car ride to the summit of Table Mountain is possible, then we estimate the total tour time to be around 6 hours.

What is the pick-up time?

We pick up guest from their hotel between 7:30am and 8am depending on the location of the hotel.

Do the 6 hour Cape Town city and Table Mountain Tours run daily?

Yes, they run daily. The 6 hour Cape Town city and Table Mountain Tours is one of our most popular experiences with local and overseas visitors. The only days we do not operate is on Christmas Day and January.

How many people on your tours?

Our average group size is about 8. Our tour size limits are from 2-16 on one vehicle.

This makes for a more unique and interactive experience with our guide.

Fun Facts about Table Mountain

This iconic mountain tops out at 1,085m above sea level

It is one of South Africa most visited attraction

Table Mountain only looks Flat from one side. The overlying mountains to the south west are known as the Twelve Apostles

There are many hiking routes to the summit for the more energetic travelers

There are over 2,200 species of plant life on the mountain.  Many of them are endemic and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The most common animal to found on its slopes goes by the name of a Dassie- a small rodent type creature that looks more like a huge rat.

And for your romantic types- there are more engagements on its slopes than anywhere else in South Africa.

Fun facts about Cape Town

Its nickname is the Mother City

Cape Town has one of the youngest populations with the average age being 25.

Cape Town is home to the most trophy homes.

These are homes that cost in excess of $ 2 million.

Afrikaans is the most spoken language

Additional information

Number of Tickets2 tickets @ R1500 pp

Experience the sheer awesomeness of Table Mountain from the summit

Scenic cable car ride to the summit of Table Mountain

In depth tour of the Cape Town city Centre

Informative tour of the Company Gardens, a heritage site created in 1650 by the first European Settlers to produce fresh produce that was supplied to the passing ships.

Spend some time exploring the old Slave Lodge, one of Cape Town’s oldest buildings.

The guide takes you on a historical journey through the landmark that was once home to slaves.

Hotel pick up and drop off

Guide for the duration of the tour

1 hour driving City tour with our guide

1-hour tour of the Company Gardens and slave Lodge including entrance fees

Bottled water

Table Mountain cable car fees


Coffee at the Truth Cafe

Travelers are picked up from their hotel between 7:30am and 8am depending on the location of the pickup.

The first part of the tour is to the summit of  Table Mountain via the cable car.

This part of the tour is weather dependent.

The mornings present a better chance of getting up if the weather is good.

From the top of  Table Mountain, you will get to enjoy the panoramic views of the Table Bay harbor, Robben Island and the Mother City way below.

We then take a drive through to the city centre and enjoy a walk through the Company Gardens.

A truly spectacular place where you will get to feel the ‘Cape Town Vibes’ in a tranquil setting.

We will take you to visit ‘The Arch’ as it is lovingly known by the locals.

It is a statue erected in memory of Desmond Tutu, one of South Africa’s most famous hero’s,

It is situated next to the ‘People’s Cathedral’ more traditionally known as St. George’s Cathedral.

The tour continues into the darker side of South African history.

Step inside the Slave Lodge.

You will learn about the history of slavery in South Africa and how it helped build the nation it is today.

The next part of the day tour is a drive through the various parts of the city.

It is here that you will get a feel for the cultural melting pot that it is famous for.

You will get a true feeling of the rich diversity and soul of the Mother City.

 We stop at a cool spot known as the Truth Cafe for some artisan coffee and lunch.

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