Explore the incredible Cradle of Humankind, Maropeng and Sterkfontein Caves

Join us as we go back in time on this incredible Cradle of Humankind Day Tour  from Johannesburg.

The first part of the Cradle of Humankind Day Tour  includes a 2 hour underground boat ride through the Maropeng exhibition. The journey will take you on an interactive discovery into the four elements of nature and how they were crucial in the formation of the various landscapes, people and plants that are found in the Cradle of Humankind. The second part of the itinerary  includes a 1 hour underground guided tour of the famous Sterkfontein Caves where the oldest human fossil was found.

Cradle of Humankind Day Tour-only 45minutes from Johannesburg

Maropeng and the Sterkfontein caves are situated within the Cradle Humankind. The drive from Johannesburg takes about 45 minutes. Although we are going to be spending a few hours at each venue, we will also be taking a scenic drive through the Cradle where you will get an opportunity to take in the beautiful landscape and open space that South Africa is famous for. An incredible day tour for the whole family.

Cradle of Humankind, Maropeng and Sterkfontein Caves Day  Tour

 About Maropeng

Cradle of Humankind Day Tour that includes the Maropeng

The Maropeng centre is an award winning attraction and is officially the centre of the Cradle of Humankind. The Cradle is one of eight World Heritage sites in South Africa. So what is the tour about? Basically we take you on a journey of discovery to learn more about the origins of humans. The tour takes place in what is known as the Tumulus. This is a unique piece of architecture and resembles an ancient burial mound. The tour is conducted on a boat road through the structure and incorporates the various stages of Earth’s creation. The final part of the tour includes an exhibition that illustrates the various stages of human evolution. Although the tour is primarily  focused on the origins of us humans, it is also an inspiration for its visitors to be more aware of the impact we are having on nature and the environment.

The Sterkfontein caves


Okay so now we are going to bring out the big words. Make us sound clever. Sterkfontein caves, which is also situated in the  Cradle of Humankind is the richest hominid  fossil site in the world!! So as you can imagine, the caves fast became the most popular  palaeoanthropological dig in the world by the Indiana Jones archaeological type folk. It is has also become the longest and most continuous dig spanning back to 1935.

The 1 hour guide tour takes you abut 200m underground into the heart of the Sterkfontein caves. You will be flabbergasted by the incredible limestone formations. You will feel like you have been mystically turned into a dwarf and find your self in the caves depicted in the Lords of the Rings trilogy. There are a few ‘tight’ passage ways to manoeuvre through but nothing too hectic. The last part of the tour also involves a walk up 200 steps to the exit of the cave.

When is the tour?

We run the tours daily.There are 2 pick up times:

  • 8am
  • 12pm


Additional information

Number of Tickets1 ticket @ R1800, 2 tickets @ R1600 pp, 3 tickets @ R1400 pp, 4 tickets @ R1250 pp, 5 tickets @ R1100 pp, 6 tickets @ R1100 pp, 7 tickets @ R1100 pp, 8 tickets @ R1100 pp, 9 tickets @ R1100 pp

Pick up and drop off from any hotel within Johannesburg, OR Tambo airport or Petoria
Return transfers to the Cradle of humankind and the various venues
All entrance fees
1 hour guided underground walk of the Sterkfonetein caves
2 hour guided boat ride and tour of the Maropeng exhibition centre
Bottled water


Send 5 hours in the famous Cradle of Humankind

1 hour underground tour of the Sterkfontein cave

2 hour tour of the Maropeng exhibition

Enjoy the scenery of the Cradle as we drive through it on route to the various venues

Fully guided experience

  • Pick up at 9am from you hotel.
  • We the take the 45 minute drive through to the Maropeng Exhibition centre.
  • At 10am we take you on a 2 hour guided boat ride and tour of the facility
  • At 12pm we take the 20 minute drive through to the Sterkfontein Caves. Upon arrival you will have 30 minutes free for a cup if coffee or refreshments.
  • At 1pm we start the guide underground waking tour of the caves. The tour ends at about 2pm.
  • We aim to leave the Sterkfontein caves by 2:30pm. We then a drive through the cradle of humankind on route to your hotel. Back in your hotel by about 3:30pm.
Cradle of humankind day tour jhb

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 2 reviews
July 5, 2019

I booked this tour on the morning of the departure and South Africa Adventures could not have been more accommodating. They set a time to pick me up and were there on time. The day went extremely smoothly. The cave portion of the tour was interesting and fun. The Maropeng center is beautifully designed but it is very much geared towards children. There was enough there to keep my mind active but it is filled with things that are great for children and school groups. But the architecture of the center is beautiful. Overall, I could not have asked for a better tour to start my understanding of this region.

October 7, 2019

Hi Darren, I have sent you a friend request as well as Emma & Cindy! It was an absolute pleasure meeting you today, to say the least, you made our day a most entertaining one! Thank you so very much for your heartfelt hospitality, Gerry and I both felt most welcome enjoying a most superb dinner with your family! The golf course was amazing, thank you for the invite & drinks. Cindy’s home is magnificent, and, so it was most enjoyable to see how amazing Johannesburg is from a home perspective. Gerry and I will return home with such wonderful memories of meeting such amazing people from Johannesburg! Will be going to Soweto on our tour tomorrow, so, who knows, maybe we will see you there, hope so! Thanks once again for such an incredible day!

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