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A unique Drakensberg Helicopter Tour that includes a night on the top of the escarpment

Now this is one of our coolest hiking tours in the Drakensberg!! You’ve seen the malnourished, pot clanging, strong smelling hikers come stumbling off the mountain and you want nothing of it. So why not fly up, spend a night and fly back down again? Oh yeah!!! Bring on a Drakensberg helicopter tour.

Experience a night on the Drakensberg escarpment without the strenuos hike up

This Drakensberg Helicopter tour is perfect for those of you who are linited for time or are not up for the 3 day hike to the top of the mountain. Yet you are super keen to experience the rugged beauty and wild mountain scenery of the escarpment.

The destinations?

Okay so due to National Flying regulations set out by the Natal Parks Board, we are pretty linited to where we can land the helicopter. Basically there are 2 landing spots we can use. The first is at a designated spot at the top of Champagne Castle. The second is in the Mnweni region. We favour the area between Rockeries and Mnweni Pass or the top of Fangs Pass.  The Mnweni region is not controlled by the park board so we have a lot more options here.

What is the Drakensberg helicopter hiking tour all about?

The tour lasts 2 days. Basically, we fly you to the top of the escarpment by helicopter. Our mountain crew will be waiting with all your creature comforts from tents, sleeping bags, a basic mountain kitchen and a guide. The aim is to get you to the top as early as we can in the morning. That leaves the whole day free for us to take you on a day hike. You would then spend the night in tents. After watching the sun rise over South Africa from 3100m, we will radio in for the helicopter to cone and fetch you.

How long do you spend on the escarpment of the Drakensberg?

1 night

Can the tour be extended?

Of course. Get hold of us to discuss options. We can spend a few nights on the top if you want.

What equipment would you need?

Just your hiking clothing for the night. This would include rain gear and warm clothing.

What would we supply?

Our Drakensberg Helicopter Tour includes…..yip…you guessed it. A helicopter. In fact, it includes the fkight up and down from the mountain. Besides the obvious though, we supply the tents, guides, support crew on the mountain, dinner and breakfast on the mountian, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, cooking and eating untensils, mess tent and some bad jokes.

How long is the helicopter flight?

Flight time is all dependant on the destination, ( either Mnweni or Champagne Castle). On average, you are looking at about 25 minutes.

Some scenarios  to consider!!!!

Okay, so there are a few factors that would affect the drakensberg helicopter tour. These include weather conditions,number of people and  fitness levels.

Weather Conditions- an obvious one. If the weather is bad, the helicopter does not fly. This of course could pose a problem if you are aleady up on the top of the Drakensberg escaprment. There are various options in this regard. We take the 20km hike down or wait another day for the weather to improve.

Number of people- If you are a bigger group, we would need to factor in the time to get everyone to the top. The helicopter can only take 3 people at a time.

Fitness Levels-although this is primarily a Drakensberg helicopter tour, there could be tghe possibilty of being stuck on the escaprmernt due to bad weather. In this case, it would be ideal if hikers had the ability to make the 20km trek off the mountain.

Best time for the helicopter tour?

The best time would be in the winter months from say April to September. These are generally the months with stable weather and little rain. Of course, there is the occasional cold fronts, snow and wind that will affect the tour.


  • Epic helicopter flight to the summit of the escarpment. Some of the iconic points of attraction will include Cathedral Peak, Rockeries and Mnweni Valley.
  • Spend a night on top of the world famous Drakensberg escarpment
  • Fully supported mountain crew and campsite
  • 5 hour day hike on top of the Drakensberg
  • Return helicopter flight from the Cathkin Peak area
  • Fully supported mountain crew on the top of the escarpment
  • Tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, mess tent, eating and cookong utensils
  • Breakfast and dinner on the mountain
  • Park Fees
  • Guide
  • Helicopter pilot. LOL.
  • Extra costs/salaries/park fees for additional night in the mountains due to bad weather
  • Lunches
  • Hiking Clothing

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