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Freediving in Sodwana with South Africa Adventures

Freediving in Sodwana Bay – Experience the fastest growing adventure sport in the world. Freediving is basically the ability to dive into the depths of the ocean holding your breath. Seems risky? Seems scary?  That is exactly why it needs to be done. Freediving is an incredible test of mental endurance. Traditional free diving has been around for years, both recreationally in the form of spearfishing and competitively where divers compete to see who can go the deepest.

Where is the course done?

We have chosen the marine sanctuary known as Sodwana for this incredible freediving adventure. Sodwana is rated in the top 10 dive sites in the world and his home to some pristine unspoilt reefs in a subtropical setting.

What makes it different?

There are many different reasons that someone would want to learn to freedive. We believe they can be divided into two main categories depending on the individual’s needs:

  • For the more purist form of exploring the ocean without the bulky SCUBA equipment needed to stay down longer.
  • Freediving can be compared to a martial art where you are trained in the art of physical and mental discipline.

How long can you hold your breath?

The Earth is 70% ocean so it safe to say that humans have been drawn to it. Not only has its mystical allure been experiences on the surface, but its net of wonder has drawn humans to freedive. Modern day man has taken up freediving for recreation and pushing internal limits. Our ancestors were drawn to the depths of the ocean for different reasons. Firstly for food, then pearls or other items of what they perceived as value and recover items lost overboard by ships. Mother in laws excluded. Humans are semi-aquatic creatures. The sea has captured us in its net of wonder since the beginning of time.  The average human can hold their breath for maybe 1 minute. The sport of freediving will take you through the various processes and training regimes to push those barriers. It is not uncommon to see our clients push beyond 4 minutes after just a few weeks training.

The disciplines of freediving

As with any form of adventure activity there are a few rules to the game and freediving is no different.  A few disciplines have been categorized below :

  • Static Apnea: the diver holds their breath on the surface for as long as possible. The first stage of learning the art of freediving
  • Constant weight: The purest form of freediving. Basically a diver must fin down using their own power. If weights are used, they must be brought back to the surface. Divers do not drop the weights for a rapid ascent.
  • Free Immersion: A diver descends and ascends using a static line. As with the constant weight process, any weights used must be brought to the surface. This process is often used before the constant weight regime as legs are not used with uses up energy and much needed oxygen.

Dynamic Apnea:  This process involves a diver swimming with or without fins horizontally for as long as possible.

Packages available for Freediving in Sodwana:

  • 3 day beginner

What will you learn?

On successful completion of the course you will be comfortable to:

  1. freedive to depths of 14-20m (Constant weight freedive CWT)
  2. hold your breath for 2-3 minutes (Static apnea)
  3. swim 25-50m in the pool (Dynamic apnea)
  • 3 day advanced

What will you learn?

On successful completion of the course you will be comfortable to:

  1. freedive to depths of 26-30m (Constant weight freedive CWT)
  2. hold your breath for 3-4 minutes (Static apnea)
  3. swim 50-75m in the pool (Dynamic apnea)

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Day 1

Drive down to Sodwana from Johannesburg. Self drive options also available. Upon arrival we check into the accommodation and later meet the freediving team for dinner

Day 2

The day involves 2 hours of Lectures and 2 ocean dives.Afternoons are set aside for relaxation and exploration of the pristine beaches. maybe treat yourself to a tour of the coastal dunes or go surfing

Day 3

Lectures and dives

Day 4

Lectures and dives

Day 5

Drive back to Johannesburg

Escorted by qualified freedivers

Dive on one breath of air

Enjoy some incredible marine interactions

Unique vacation

Suitable for all levels

Courses held in the marine reserve of Sodwana in South Africa


Transport from Johannesburg
4 nights accommodation in a 3 star diving resort
All marine permits
Training materials
Freediving instructor
Lead tuition through audio/visual presentations (2-3 hours)
All gear
pool sessions and practice (2-3hrs)
four open ocean qualifying dive sessions (1hr each)
Advanced Freediver/Beginner certification and registration (Pure Apnea, RAID or PADI available)

Flights and airport taxes
Items of a personal nature
Visas for South Africa
Health requirements (if any)
Optional but highly recommended travel and medical insurance.
Snacks, personal medicine
Meals & drinks not specified

Sodwana free diving in South Africa
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