Full day walk to Freedom Day tour

If history, culture and heritage interest you then you will love this full day tour. Dubbed the ‘walk to freedom’ tour, this unique and interactive experience will showcase some of Cape Town’s most iconic attractions that pathed a way forward for the people of South Africa. History and culture have become the backbone the ‘mother city’. This epic tour will take you back in time to the days of the first Dutch settlers, slavery, and how apartheid influenced the city from a cultural and human rights point of view.

What iconic areas to we cover on this epic day tour?

The tour covers the Bo-Kaap, a slave area that was freed and developed into the colorful town it is today. Discover the unique culture of this area as we take a walk through the streets.

The second part of the tour takes us to Zonnebloem. An area previously known as ‘District 6’.  We take some time strolling through the ‘living museum’ that incorporates memories about the forced removals of the oppressed people of the time by the apartheid regime and how the area has developed into what it is today.

This part of the tour sees us separating the city of Cape Town and heading to the notorious area known as ‘The Cape Flats’. We make a stop at the Gugu S’Thebe Arts and Cultural Centre situated in the Lang Township. The Centre is dedicated to the Langa community and helps with socio- economic empowerment. Take some time strolling through the arts and crafts stalls where you can purchase some local curios and art. We will also take a walk through the streets with a local guide so you can get a glimpse of township life and get a feel for the soul and culture of Langa.

We then take a drive through to the Alfred and Victoria Waterfront. The tour concludes with a boat ride across the sea to Robben Island to see where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years. The local guide will take you on a coach tour and walking tour through the island and prison facilities. You will get to stand in the cell that belonged to the late Nelson Mandela- a very surreal attraction with many stories to be told. We will drop you back at your hotel in the late afternoon.

How long is the Full Day Walk to Freedom Day Tour ?

The duration is approximately 8 hours. We pick you up at 8am from your hotel and drop you off again afterwards at about 5:30pm.

When do the tours run?


Visit the colorful Bo-Kaap area with its iconic houses and culture

Take a journey into Cape Town township life as we explore the Langa Township.

The guided walk is a plus as you can get to see and feel how the soul of the township.

Embark on a boat cruise to Robben Island

Take a guided tour through Robben Island and the prison where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.

Take a stroll through ‘District 6’ area that was notorious for its forced removals in the Apartheid regime.

Fully guided day tour

Hotel pick up and drop off (areas for pick up include camps bay, waterfront, green point, foreshore and Gardens area)

Entrance into the District 6 museum

Fees into the Gugu S’Thebe museum

Robben Island ferry fees and tour

Visit to the Bo-Kaap area

Walk through the Langa Township

Bottled water



Tour duration is about 8 hours from pick up to drop off.

Pick up from your hotel at 8am

We then take the 30-minutes drive through to the Bo-Kaap area for a tour.

The second part of the day tour takes us to District 6 where we visit the living museum

We then take a drive through to the Cape Flats and spend some time in the Langa area.

We will also take a walking tour through the streets meeting the local folks

The final part of the tour sees us heading off to the Victoria and Alfred waterfront where we embark on a ferry boat ride across the sea to Robben Island.

We will drop you back at your hotel by about 6pm

Full Day Walk To Freedom Day Tour

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