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4 day Hermanus Fitness Vacation. Mindfulness, Movement and Nourishment

Travel connects us — to our planet, to its people, and to ourselves. Our Hermanus Fitness vacation was created to recharge your body and nourish the mind. The tour offers the perfect balance of activities that include surfing, hiking, kayaking, snorkelling, fat biking, yoga and functional training. Included of course are healthy food experiences, helping you return home feeling even better than when you left.


The age old concept of a fitness vacation

Taking a vacation to improve your spiritual, physical, or emotional well-being is not a new concept. In fact, health-inspired travels date back to ancient times. People traveled vast distances to bathe in the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea, and Europe’s healing mineral baths were a must-visit for elites during the 18th century. But Alas, Hermanus was never included until now.

What activities makeup the Hermanus Fitness tour?

  • Surfing

Surfing is an incredible fitness activity.When you’re out on the waves, you’ll will be using every body part. You might even discover muscles that you didn’t even know existed. One of the main benefits is an increase in muscle tone and strength. In addition to these advantages, surfing is an aerobic activity that will allow you to exercise your heart and lungs.

Never surfed before? No worries. Most of our guests never have. Our package includes an instructor who will take you through the techniques, safety and theory of surfing.

  • Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking is a low impact activity that can improve your aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility-a main reason added the option to our Hermanus Fitness vacation.Specific health benefits include: Improved cardiovascular fitness. Increased muscle strength, particularly in the back, arms, shoulders and chest, from moving the paddle. And of course, there is no better way to experience the ocean and whales of Hermanus than in a kayak. Our tour includes an open ocean kayak with the team at Walker Bay Adventures.

  • Fat Biking on the beach

For those of you whodunit know a fat bike is able to travel over diverse terrain, from snow to sand, better than regular bicycles. The wide tyres provide you with extra grip and traction, and combined with a low tyre pressure, you’ll find that you’re able to pedal over terrain that’d make conventional tyres sink. Our tour includes a on the beach and coastal dunes in the area known as DeKelders-one of the best land based whale watching areas in Hermanus.

  • 20 km Beach Hike

The stretch of coastline from DeKelders, through the Walker Bay Nature Reserve to the Grotto is just spectacular. A different beauty to say the Drakensberg Mountains.And of course, need we say more on the benefits of walking? We didn’t think so.

  • Snorkelling

snorkelling is a great fitness activity. It works out quads, hamstrings, calves, ankles, hip flexors, core and shoulders. Snorkeling itself improves overall strength and endurance, reduces stress and burns about 300 calories an hour. Our snorkelling is done at the Old Harbour and is a great way to see some the smaller shark species that frequent Hermanus.

  • Yoga

We have included daily yoga classes on the beach ( weather permitting of course).A perfect start to the day. Yoga obviously helps with flexibility, strength and stamina. As well as keeping your find focused.

  • Functional Training

What would a Hermanus Fitness vacation be without a little bit of pain and suffering?Bring on a session of functional training the beach. What is functional training? It is similar cross fit, but different. We don’t use weights. The exercises are body weight driven and focus on stamina, strength and endurance. Basically you do 60 seconds of an exercise type with a 15 second rest in-between the next type.

Plenty of downtime to enjoy the town of Hermanus

The tour has been designed to incorporate aa daily dose of down time. You can use this time to explore the town, relax on the beach or sign up for one of our other activities that include wine tasting, whale watching, quad biking or kite boarding. Or you can book yourself in for a relaxing massage.

Factors to consider on Hermanus Fitness Vacation

Obviously within every tour itinerary  there are a few things you need to consider. these include weather conditions, tides, and ocean conditions.Chat to us about the best plan. We would need to plan your trip itinerary around the above factors. For example, we would need to select the best conditions for surfing. Bare in mind it may not be on your desired day.

Where do you stay?

The package includes 4 nights at a 4 Star bed and breakfast. The options may vary depending on availability.We will confirmand send you the accommodation venue closer to your travel date.


We have included a 2 hour sunset cruise along the lagoon from the town of Stanford.(about a 20 minute drive from Hermanus).







Day 1:

Our guide will meet you at 8:30am. We would discuss the pick up location prior to the trip date.Today we take the 45 minute drive through to DeKelders for a 20km fat bike ride along the beach and through the coastal dunes. A picnic lunch is included. We overnight in Hermanus

Day 2:

Wake up early for your choice of yoga or functional training on the beach. After the session we enjoy a breakfast before spending a few hours kayaking on the sea. We should done by about 1 pm. The rest of the day is chill time. We have scheduled an evening boat cruise on the lagoon from4pm.

Day 3:

Wake up early for the 20km beach hike. The transfer to the start of the hike takes about 45 minutes. We should be back by 3pm. The rest of the day is chill time. A great additional tour to consider is a boat based or land based whale watching tour with  Dave DeBeer, Hermanus whale expert. Or maybe a wine tour.

Day 4:

Wake up early for a yoga or functional training session. The rest of the morning  is set aside for a few surfing sessions until lunchtime.

3 nights accommodation in a 4 star bed and breakfast

all activity transfers

all activity permits, entry costs and fees

guide for the duration of your tour

3 dinners

4 lunches

Bottled Water

All activity equipment

Any additional tour activity that guests choose to embark on outside of the set itinerary

Alcoholic drinks

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 2 reviews
December 4, 2021

What a way to spend my holiday. It was exactly what I was looking for. A mixture of some epic adventure activities in one of the most scenic towns in South Africa. I loved every moment of the tour. The guides are super cool and accommodating. Highly recommend

December 4, 2021

Just wow!!!! The activities are incredible. I not only got to do some bucket list adventure like surfing and snorkelling, but kept active as well .I felt like a million bucks after the 4 days. This is how holidays should be done. As for the team? Such amazing people. They became friends after the tour. You need to try this

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