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Surviving in the Bush day tour

Are you going crazy in your hotel room? Are you looking for something different to do while in Johannesburg? Escape the city and join us in the African bush on our Surviving in the Bush day tour. We will teach you some pretty epic traditional bush craft survival skills. Learn how to make fire without matches, navigate in the bush, make shelter, find water and track wild animals. This full day tour is led by one of experienced bush rangers in the incredible safari setting of the Plumari game reserve. Situated just over an hour’s drive from a Johannesburg, this day tour is perfect for travelers looking for a sense of adventure, nature and an authentic wildlife experience. Go back home with a new set of skills that no other day tour from Johannesburg can give you.

What does the Surviving in the Bush day tour involve?

We are going to be taking you into the bush to learn some important survival techniques. Our ranger will be spending about 4 interactive hours with you in the bush. The tour is very practical, and you will learn some cool survival skills. The tour is done in the bush on a private game reserve. So, yes, there will be wild animals to be seen. These include zebra, giraffe, wildebeest, a variety of indigenous antelope, warthog and buffalo. Don’t worry…the lions are kept in a separate part of the reserve, so you won’t land up on the lion’s menu for the day.

The skills that you will learn include:

Shelter building using natural resources.

We will show you how to build a natural structure that will protect you from the elements like the sun, rain and cold.

How to light a fire using natural objects.

And no, matches are not natural even though they are made from wood. We are going to teach you a way cooler method.

Tracking of wild animals.

Of course, the only reason you would track an animal in a survival scenario is to eat it. But don’t worry, we are not going to expect you to kill anything. We will give you lunch during the tour to ward of the panic of hunger we promise.

Trap building is next.

We will show you how to make traps to catch animals for consumption in a survival scenario. Notice we used the words ‘survival scenario’. So chill Winston. You won’t be killing anything except time. If time does really exist that is. We can debate that concept on the tour if you are up for it.

How to find water and purify it.

Hydration is one of the most import skills to learn in the wild. We can survive for weeks without food but can’t do without water for more than a couple of days. We will show you where to find water and how to make it drinkable.

Navigation is also key in surviving with in the bush.

We will show you how to find your way around using natural landscapes, sun, plants and animals. And if we still get lost and can’t get you back to Johannesburg, then please refer to the above skills that you will need to survive. Our guides will know exactly where we are.

Learn what plants can be used for food or medicine.

There are many plants in the bush that can be used for a variety of ailments from nausea, wounds and stings. We will show you how to identify and use them correctly. How to escape from your mother in law undetected and without severe injuries.

Where is the tour situated?

The tour is situated at the Plumari private game reserve situated in the Magaliesberg mountains. The drive from Johannesburg takes just over an hour. So, no long driving involved. The reserve is a home to an abundance of free roaming wild animals. Our skills course takes place in the bush. So, there is a good chance of some sort of sighting or interaction with the animals.

What animals can be seen on the tour?










What is the availability of this day tour?

We can help daily. We would just need 48 hours’ notice to ensure the ranger is available to help.

What is the duration of the tour?

The pickup time is 7 am from Johannesburg. The total tour duration is 8 hours. That time is broken up as follows: 3 hours’ drive time (that is 1.5 hours’ drive from Johannesburg to Plumari and 1.5 hours back again after the tour), 4 hours for the survival skills training and about 1 hour for lunch.

Additional information

Number of Tickets1 ticket @ R3450, 2 tickets @ R2450pp, 3 tickets @ R1950pp, 4 tickets @ R1650pp, 5 tickets @ R1650 pp, 6 tickets @ R1650 PP, 7 tickets @ R1650 PP, 8 tickets @ R1650 PP

Learn survival skills in a natural setting.

Get to see some wild animals while on the course.

The setting for the tour is in the Plumari Private game reserve.

An incredible natural setting that is perfect for the course learning.

Enjoy a scrumptious lunch on the veranda of the reserve.

No need to worry about logistics.

We do everything from the hotel pick up, lunch and the survival skills course.

The course is interactive. So yes, we show you how and then you need to do.

Return transfers from Johannesburg to the Plumari reserve in the Magaliesberg mountains


6-hour survival skills course with our survival expert

All entrance fees

Bottled water

Drinks at lunch

Our guide will meet you at your hotel by 7am.

You will then take the 1.5 hour drive through to the Plumari reserve.

Upon arrival, we take some time to relax with a cup of coffee on the veranda and get to meet the survival expert who will be taking you on the course

At 9am you will take a drive into the bush to begin your 6-hour survival skills course.

We should be done by about 3:30pm. Lunch will be served during the course.

We then take the drive back to Johannesburg, having you back at your hotel by about 5pm. (traffic dependent)

surviving in the Bush Day tour

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