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Enjoy a day in the The Vredefort Dome: the largest meteor impact zone in the World!!

The Vredefort Dome is situated close to the town of Parys in the Freestate province. The dome was named after Vredefort as that is the official ‘centre’ of the impact zone. Although the crater has been worn away over time, the remains of the impact are still visible. It is believed that the meteor that hit over 2 billion years ago was about 15km in diameter.

The meteor gave Earth a proper hiding!!

We are sure the Earth held its breath as the meteor came flying in. The kinetic energy as it hit is estimated to be be equivalent to 100 million megatons of dynamite. Let’s put that into perspective for you-the most powerful nuclear bomb ever tested only yielded 50 megatons. You can imagine that power!!! within minutes,  70,000 cubic kilometres of earth was was punched out of the air and flung into the atmosphere. Rock debris flew everywhere and winds of over 1000km/h where created. A crater 50km deep was gouged into the surface of the earth. Crazy stuff!!! It is named after the town of Vredefort, near its center. Although the crater itself has long been worn away, it is known as the Vredefort Dome or Vredefort impact structure that the remaining geological structures at its core are.

Why join this tour?

If geology, meteirs and history are your thing, then this is your thing. No need to stress. All the logistics are handled by us. We will pick you up from your hotel, drive you to the Vredefort Dome, take you on a 4 hour guided tour of the key areas of interest and take you for lunch. All in a chilled out and relaxed environment.

How far is the Vredfort Dome from Johannesburg?

The distance is about 100km depending on where about in Johannesburg you are situated. The driving time is about 75 minutes.

Additional information

Number of Tickets1 ticket @ R2400, 2 tickets @ R1800 pp, 3 tickets @ R1650 PP, 4 tickets @ R1450 pp, 5 tickets @ R1350 pp

We will pick you up from your hotel at 7am

We take the 75 minute drive through to the town of Parys and then on to the start of the tour.

The tour starts with a slideshow presentation explaining the meteorite strike as well as the events that unfolded when the meteorite struck the Vredefort Dome area. It also covers the history and geology of the area.
The presentation is followed by a physical tour through the Vredefort Meteorite Impact Structure looking at the unique geology, fauna and flora as well as historic and cultural landmarks.

We should be done with the tour by 1:30pm.

We will then take you for lunch at one of the traditional restaurants in the area.

Back in Johannesburg by about 4:30pm

  • Hotel pick up
  • Return transfers form Johannesburg to the Vredefort Dome
  • 4-5 hour guided tour of the Dome
  • Entrance fees
  • Lunch
  • Guide
  • Drinks

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