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White River Rafting through the lion Park

Have you ever tried white water rafting in Africa? Let us rephrase that…have you ever been rafting through a lion park and nature reserve. Well then, this day tour is just what you need to quench that appetite for something a tad more unique, adventurous and physical.

Where do we do the rafting?

The rafting venue is a mere 45 minutes’ drive from Johannesburg. We are lucky enough to have an expert who was granted the sole concession to raft through the lion and safari park. How cool is that? This means that there is a good chance of seeing some of South Africa’s wildlife. These would include giraffe who sometimes even come right up to the river, wildebeest, zebra, warthog and a host of other creatures.

Oh yes…..did we mention the lion park? Does that mean we watch out for lions?

According to South African nature regulations, if a reserve is not bigger than 5000-hectare lions cannot be free roaming, so you are in luck. The lions are kept in a separate enclosure which means you will not become a lion’s dinner.

Did we mention the crocodile river? Does that mean we need to make it snappy on the river?

Now why was it named the crocodile river we wonder?  Maybe because of the many types of toasters that like to bath in it? Somehow, we don’t think so. We reckon it has something to do with crocodiles living in them. Well, used to live in them. Does that make you feel a tad better? The key word here is ‘used’ to. So chill Winston. You will not be landing up a crocodile sandwich.

How far do we paddle and how long does it take?

The rafting distance is an 8km paddle that usually takes us about 2.5 hours to complete. This is all dependent on your level of fitness obviously.

Who does the paddling?

Ummm….you. Paddling means we are going to arm you with a paddle and you will be required to project yourself forward through the water. A nice physical challenge.

How difficult are the rapids?

The rafting is pretty chilled out. The aim is to take you down the river and enjoy the nature. There are about 8 small rapids and weirs that we have paddle through. They are not hectic. In fact, the chances of falling out of the raft on this tour is minimal.

Safety protocol on the tour?

Our tours are led by experienced river guides and all the necessary safety equipment is provided.

What to bring?

So, you are going to get wet and be in the son. You will need a swimming costume, towel and sun cream.  And a bag with dry clothing to change into after the tour. Easy Peasy.

Additional information

Number of Tickets1 ticket @ R3500, 2 tickets @ R2700 pp, 3 tickets @ R2400 pp, 4 tickets @ R2100 pp, 5 tickets @ R1800 pp, 6 tickets @ R1800 pp, 7 tickets @ R1800 pp, 8 tickets @ R1800 pp


Hotel pick up
Return transfers to the lion and safari park
All entrance fees
2.5 hour paddle down the crocodile river with qualified guide
All paddling and safety equipment
Light lunch
Bottled Water


Meals not specified

2.5 hour paddle through the natural beauty of the Magaliesberg mountains

The only concession allowed to paddle through the Lion and Safari Park

Awesome opportunities to see some wildlife from giraffe, wildebeest, zebra and impala

Take a guided drive through the lion enclosures

Fully guided

The pickup time form your hotel is at 7:30am

We then take the 45 minute drive through to the Lion and Safari park situated close to Broederstroom.

The river is situated inside the park so we will take a 45 minute drive through to the starting point of the paddling day tour. On route we will spend some time in the lion enclosures so you can get up close and personal with these incredible cats. Don’t worry. We won’t be walking through the enclosures in case you were wondering. We are not that cruel to our clients.

We aim to be on the river by 9am. We will cover 8km over the next 2.5 hours.

A picnic lunch will be served on route.

We should be back on shore at the end of the paddling day tour by about 12pm.

We will then take a drive through the lion and safari park again as we make our way to the exit.

And then it’s the 45-minute drive back to your hotel. So back in your hotel again by say 2pm.

White River Rafting through the lion Park

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