Pilanesberg safari from Johannesburg Let’s face it. There is definitely something about a safari in South Africa that fuels the human spirit. The history and culture of this rainbow nation isn’t stored in man made structures. You get to feel the spirit of this fascinating country in the stories of our people, the roar of a lion and the majestic scenery of the African bush. The ancient plains of the Pilanesberg will tear down any preconceptions that any television documentary has created. Experiencing a Pilanesberg safari from Johannesburg for yourself will leave with a lot more. It may be the
Best Johannesburg Safaris Are you looking for safari tour options from Johannesburg? We have a selection of multi day, as well as day tour options for you to choose from. Welcome to South Africa Adventures ultimate Johannesburg Safaris guide. Our aim is to create unique and interactive travel experiences. Choose your ultimate wildlife tour and let us do the rest for you. We can even throw your mother in law to the lions if you want. A real South African Safari is a tour of contrasts. But what else do you call a vacation where you will happily slalom between
MY 7 DAY KRUGER PARK ADVENTURE Ah safaris, these can possibly be one of the most memorable and magical experiences one could have, especially in South Africa. Whether you are in an open game vehicle, or a car, or even a walking Safari, you are still guaranteed to have a wonderful time. This tour is meant for all different types of people, by this we mean animal lovers, bird enthusiasts and bird watchers.  No matter what you and your group are interested in seeing, we’ll find it. Safaris are about being out in the serenity of nature and just being
Best layover tours from Johannesburg airport Have you got a few hours spare between flights? And the thought of sitting in OR Tambo airport is making you a tad uneasy. Then why not join us on a selection of half day or even full day tours. We have many options to choose from depending on your time frame. What are our Selection of layover tours available? As mentioned, travelers must include the time it takes to get through customs. We have factored in traffic conditions, distance and so forth into the tour planning.  If you are lucky enough to be
Drakensberg Hiking Experts Join Our Cathedral Peak Hike Cathedral Peak Hike at its best! The Drakensberg mountain range in South Africa is hikers paradise!! It is also fast becoming one of the top hiking destinations in the world. And it is no wonder!! The range extends roughly north east to south west for over 1,100 kilometers. The average height is 3,100m with the highest summit known as Mafadi situated at a height of 3,451m. The Drakensberg was deservedly named a World Heritage site bank in 2000. The massive towers and spires of basalt and sandstone are unique and incredibly beautiful.
South Africa Adventures Best cultural day tours in Johannesburg We are happy to present our best cultural day tours in Johannesburg. Planning a trip to Johannesburg and looking for a taste of something cultural? Are you wanting to learn more about this fascinating country? How history, the discovery of gold and the cultural diversity molded the character and infrastructure of this complex city known as Egoli (the city of Gold) Why Johannesburg? Where do we start? A lot of crazy stuff has happened in the past 150 years from a cultural, historical and economical point of view. Here is a
Top 14 Adventures to do in South Africa this year Are you looking at visiting sunny South Africa and have no idea what to do? South Africa is full of things to do. You could literally spend a lifetime here and do something different each day. With so much to see and do, it can be overwhelming trying to plan a trip to this beast of a country, known as the rainbow nation. Resist the urge to dive into the depths of the Internet where you'll only wind up confused with big bags under your eyes. (Been there, done that, and
3 Day Drakensberg Slackpacking Adventure Frequently Asked Questions What you need to know about the 3 day Slackpacking Adventure in the Northern Drakensberg The pick-up location for the tour? The pick-up location for the tour is Steyn City Clubhouse - click here for directions. What if I selected the self-drive option? If you are going to be driving down by yourself in your own car you would need to meet us at the Royal Natal parks Board camping site. The meeting time is between 10am and 10:30am. Why we can’t pick you up from you home? Pure logistics are to
All about our 3 day guided hike to Mnweni in The Northern Drakensberg  The Drakensberg is renowned for its various hiking routes. In fact there are so many incredible hikes that a traveller can easily get overwhelmed and indecisive when what route to go hiking on.  One of our favourite hikes in the Drakensberg has got to be the Mnweni area, situated in the Northern Drakensberg. The Mnweni Valley is situated just south of the Amphitheatre region. The advantages of this? It is only a 4 hour drive from Johannesburg.  About Mnweni  The Mnweni circuit is also pretty cool as
What you need to know about the 2 day Amphitheatre Hike in the Drakensberg FAQ: 2 day Amphitheatre Hike in the Drakensberg What you need to know about the 2 day Amphitheatre Hike in the Drakensberg The pick-up location for the tour? The pick-up location for the tour is “Steyn City Club House”.   You will need to drive into the property. There is secure parking with security so don’t worry about your car. It will be safe. Click here for the Google Maps Directions Why we can’t pick you up from you home? Pure logistics are to blame. We have