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Why are you not spending more time outdoors?

What is your excuse? Too tired? Budget constraints? No time?  No idea where to go or what to do?

In our annual survey we conducted a few months back we wanted to find out what the main obstacles are that prevent you from finding adventure.

So you’ve just got a new job and that lovely boss of yours is loading you up with projects and assignments. What a terrible person he is. Maybe you’ve got a screaming 2 year old that demands your full attention. Maybe the closest you have come to nature and adventure are the wild flowers in the mall and you lack the knowledge, skills or gear you think you might need.

It is so easy to let life stomp on you and prevent you from getting out there. And adventure is just the thing humans need to lower stress levels and forget about that lovely boss for a while.

A hike in the Drakensberg, scuba diving, or testing your wits rock climbing is the best thing you could do for your mind, body and soul. It will leave you happier, healthier and more grounded with a greater sense of perspective to face life’s challenges.

I don’t know where to go

Our solution? Give us a call. Come visit us at our ‘base camp’ where we can discuss the various travel options over a beer and pizza. We have been active in the adventure travel industry in South Africa for over 15 years. So yes, we know of some really cool spots.

We can advise you on what activity to. Yes we have heard it all. My knees are buggered. I’m scared of heights. I’m allergic to water….so…..lets connect and find out what tour suites you best. We have an incredible selection of tours to choose from.

We are also continually evolving depending on our client’s needs. In fact, a lot of our tours have been borne from ideas from our clients. We have categorized our adventure travel packages into the various adventure ‘genres’. They include Marine, Wildlife, Active, Trekking and day tour adventures.

  1. I’m all alone and have no one to go with

Oh Woe is you. We have a box of sympathy that you can have. If you don’t come right with rent-a-friend, fear not, we have a solution for you. Join one of our tours where we combine like-minded people with the same interests. How cool is that?

You can change your name from ‘Norman No Friends’ as you will definitely make friends on our tours. (Just bring the glue and scissors) In fact, many a deep and meaningful relationship had been forged on our tours. Adversity and challenges seem to bring people together in a big way.

  1. Adventure Travel is too expensive

Yes it is…If you travel alone that is. But we have just worked out that if you join one of our tours you will not be alone. And guess what that means? It’s time for a lesson on economics. The men in suites call in economies of scale. An incredible phenomenon that allows you to afford a tour as you be sharing some of the major costs like transport and guide.

Research shows that you can save up to 50% on a tour by joining an existing tour group. If you name is Norman No Friends and you would like to keep it that way then you may have to dig deep into those pockets.  We also supply a lot of the equipment depending on the tour package like tents for example. So no need to lighten the load in your wallet just yet.

  1. I don’t have the right equipment or gear

We get it. Equipment can be pretty costly and you don’t want to invest in a sleeping bag that may never use again. This is where the advantages of using an adventure travel company come to the rescue. We supply most of the equipment on our tours.

If you are hiking for example, we supply all the tents, sleeping mats, cooking at eating utensils. Obviously there are still items that you would still need, Wetsuits for diving, Backpack and sleeping bags for trekking or harnesses for climbing.

We have all of this gear available to rent. So no need to spend your hard earned cash on that. Adventure tours vary. Mountain trekking requires a different type of gear to a walking safari. The conditions vary considerably from freezing cold to hot. We have experts that can advise you on the type of conditions to be expected and how to prepare for them. And thus avid potentially dangerous conditions like hypothermia or dehydration.

  1. I have no idea what I’m doing

The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. 90% of our clients are new to adventure!!! And we love it!!! Our passion is adventure, travel and people. We love teaching people and involving them in our passion. We walk the path with every aspect of a tour.

If it’s Kilimanjaro you want to do, we will be with you on Saturday morning training with you to get you mountaineering fit. We will spend time with you. Our guides will come to shops with you to assist with clothing. And you have 24/7 access to our various package experts.

  1. You won’t get lost

A lot of people will never experience the incredible beauty of the Drakensberg for example because they have no idea how to navigate and are scared of getting lost. That is the great benefit of joining South Africa Adventures on an adventure. We know the routes!! We know the environment!!

Do you think adventure travel and the wild outdoors are complicated? Do you want to take an epic trip but you have no idea where to start? At South Africa Adventures, we break down barriers that prevent you from getting outside and help simplify your planning. Join us as we take you on a journey that’s full of easy, simple and affordable tips, so you can get out there…..and start living

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Drakensberg, Kruger National Park
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Full Day Magaliesberg Nature Hike and Elephant Interaction

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Soweto Half Day Tour and Bungee Jump

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Johannesburg, South Africa
1/2 Day

4 Day Champagne Castle Drakensberg Hike

Experience truly stunning and breathtaking scenery, and hike the second highest mountain in South Africa! The Champagne Castle Drakensberg Hike will
Drakensberg, South Africa
4 Days

2 day Pilanesberg Safari Adventure

Take a walk on the wild side and see what our safari tour has to offer with this safari adventure
Pilanesberg, South Africa
2 Days

Rock Climbing Day tour in Johannesburg

Best Rock Climbing Day Tour Adventures in Johannesburg South Africa!
Johannesburg, South Africa
1 Day

The Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route

The Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route has a substantially high success rate and its one of our favorite routes to the Summit
Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
11 Days

Trekking Tour up Kilimanjaro Machame Route

The Kilimanjaro Machame route is one of our most popular routes to the summit. Book your Kilimanjaro Adventure today!
Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
10 Days

6 Day Hike Mafadi-Highest Mountain in South Africa

Climb the highest mountain in South Africa and be in awe of the view! Hike the Mafadi route in the
Drakensberg, South Africa
6 Days

Drakensberg Cathedral Peak Hike Adventure

Hike the Drakensberg cathedral Peak route with amazing panoramic awaiting you at the summit.  One for the bucket list!
Drakensberg, South Africa
3 Days

Sterkfontein Caves & Lesedi Cultural Village Day Tour

The Lesedi Cultural Village day tour and Sterkfontein Caves in the Cradle of Human Kind is perfectly arranged to keep
Johannesburg, South Africa
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