Hiking equipment hire

There is no need to spend your hard earned cash on expensive hiking equipment-especially if you are never going to use it again.

We have a large range of hiking equipment for hire -Johannesburg region only.

***The rental cost displayed is the total cost for a 5 day period. ***

75 Litre Backpack

75 Litre Backpack

Outer Gloves

An essential part of your hiking equipment for the winter months. The gloves are worn over your inner gloves and serve as extra protection form the wet

So you have a hiking tour scheduled and your backpack strap just broke or you have some serious doubt on whether or not your old sleeping bag will handle the hike. Or maybe you are trying out this hiking activity for the first time and are worried about whether or not you will like it.

No use spending thousands on equipment if you are never going to use the gear again. At South Africa Adventures we have a variety of equipment to hire that can take that stress away from you.

Our hiking equipment consists of high quality gear that has been tried and tested in the harshest conditions like my mother in laws lounge.


Why Hire equipment?

  • Save yourself the hassle of cleaning, storing and repairing the equipment
  • Hiring works out way more cost effective, especially if hiking is something you only do every so often
  • A lot more Cost effective for large groups.
  • Save time!!!No need for you to go brave the shopping centers looking for hiking equipment



Where to pick up the hiking equipment?

We are based at The Stables Village Market, 212 , 3rd Street Chartwell.

We guarantee that your rental gear will be clean and available for pick-up one day prior to your starting rental date or your hiking equipment rental is free.

* orders must be placed at least 5 days in advance for this to apply

** must pick-up during business hours

Terms and Conditions:

Yip, one of those things us humans need to control us I’m afraid. Here is the list of T’C’s attached to the hiring of hiking equipment from us.

    The booking and payment of the equipment is done all online through the webpage. We do not require a deposit for the hiking equipment rentals.
    The rental gear is your responsibility at all times from the start point of the hike and until the hike has being concluded. If any of  the equipment goes missing or otherwise not returned to us, we will require that the item is replaced
  • No refunds on non-use of items. For example-there will be no refund on a rain jacket that you hired for a hike and it did not rain.


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