Guided Drakensberg hiking tours from Johannesburg

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Our guided Drakensberg hiking tours from Johannesburg

South Africa Adventures are the leading tour company when it comes to guided Drakensberg hikes from Johannesburg. We have been involved in over 200 guide hikes to South Africa’s premiere trekking destination for over 10 years.

We get it!!! You would love to go hiking in the Drakensberg but you are faced with a number of challenges;

  • You have no one go with
  • You lead a pretty hectic lifestyle and the logistics of organizing the trip for yourself or a group of friends is just too stressful
  • You are a solo traveller and the cost to travel down from Johannesburg alone is just not economically viable
  • You would love to start hiking in the Drakensberg but you have no idea of the routes and getting lost in the mountains a daunting thought
  • You are a foreign traveller and would love to join a tour from Johannesburg

What is the best part?

We are based in Johannesburg, and YES…. we offer guided hikes to the Drakensberg from Johannesburg!!  How cool is that? Come and meet one of our specialized Drakensberg hiking experts at our offices. They can give you the best advice on the best possible route that suites not only your budget but physical and mental stamina as well.

How far is the Drakensberg from Johannesburg?

Depending on what part of the Drakensberg Mountains you are looking at hiking in, there is going to be travel involved. There is no airport. No train. So the only option available is by car. The distance between Johannesburg and the Drakensberg can range from between 370km and 450km depending on what area you intend to hike in. And of course, some of the roads, especially in the more remote areas like Injasuthi and Mnweni, are pretty hectic for your average vehicle.

Who joins our tours?

Our clients are from all walks of life, both locally and internationally. So if you are a foreign visitor you will embark on an authentic hike South African style where you are going to spend a few days with local hikers –a perfect way to get to know the South African people and culture. And vice versa, our Johannesburg hikers are going to get to chill out with the many foreign tourists we have on our trips- A perfect combination of international fellowship and learning. We have various routes designed from novice to very experienced. Get in contact with one of our hiking consultants and they will advise you on the best route and time to travel based on your personal hiking experience and level of fitness.

What are the advantages of joining a guided Drakensberg hike from Johannesburg?

  • You don’t need to put any undue mileage, wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • The term ‘economies of scale’ comes to mind-it works out way more affordable if you join and existing tour group. Travelling alone, whether in a rental car or not, together with fuel costs, tolls and distance travelled will make a considerable dent in your wallet. Join one of our guided tours from Johannesburg and you will join a group of like-minded travellers where we as, a travel company handle all the transport issues.
  • We know the Drakensberg!! Our guides have intimate knowledge of the mountains, routes and conditions. So you can relax, kick back and enjoy the hiking experience without the stress of getting lost.
  • We have the camping equipment. Tents, sleeping bags, gas cookers, sleeping mats all cost money. Whether you are first time hiker or an international traveller who cannot travel with the equipment, we have the solution for you. Yes, we supply all of the above on our guided hikes into the Drakensberg.
  • Travel light. An incredible advantage to our foreign travellers who are visiting various areas in South Africa and cannot haul around the often bulky and cumbersome hiking equipment.
  • Johannesburg is the central launching point for travellers into South Africa. So it makes perfect sense to make it the starting point to one of the best hiking destinations in the world!!

What hiking tours do we offer from Johannesburg?

The Drakensberg has many options in terms of hiking routes. They all graded dependent on your level of experience, days and fitness levels. Here are a few of the more popular guided Drakensberg hikes from Johannesburg:

An easy hike that covers 10km in total over 2 days with 1 night spent on the top of the escarpment. Our camping spot is right next to the second highest waterfall in the world-The Tugela Falls. This hike is perfect for novice hikers and offers some incredible views. Distance from Johannesburg is 340km.

The Mnweni Circuit is a challenging and scenic hike that covers about 42km over 3 days and 2 nights. The ascent is via Mnweni Pass with a night in the spectacular Ledgers Cave which is considered to be the most scenic in the Drakensberg. The hike is perfect for hikers with some hiking experience and a moderate to high level of fitness. Distance from Johannesburg is  379km.

A moderate hike that covers 22km over 3 days with 2 nights spent in Shermans cave and tents just below the summit. The highlight of this hike is a non-technical summit of the only free standing mountain accessible to hikers in the Drakensberg.  The hike is perfect or novice hikers as well as seasoned hikers alike. Distance from Johannesburg is 396km.

This is a challenging hike in the Central Drakensberg that covers about 42km over 3 days and 2 nights. The highlight of the hike is to summit the imposing bulk of Champagne Castle via Grays Pass. The best option is to set up a base camp at Keith Bush Camp and summit and descend Champagne Castle on the second day. The hike is prefect for hikers with some hiking experience  and definitely with a good level of fitness given the altitude gained, terrain and distance.  Distance from Johannesburg is 409km.

This is a grueling and challenging hike that covers about 65km over 4 days and 3 nights. The highlight of this incredible hike is not only walking in the remote and scenic area known as Injasuthi, but includes standing on the highest mountain in South Africa.

The route up is via either Judges Pass or Corner Pass ( depending on the conditions) with an night spent in the summit cave known as the Upper Injasuthi Cave. The descent is via Leslies Pass with the 3rd night spent on the Marble Baths Cave. The hike is for hikers with a moderate level of hiking experience and fitness levels must be pretty high- A good hike to test your mental endurance as well.  The distance from Johannesburg is 440km.

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