Horse-riding safaris from Johannesburg
Horse riding safari day tour Johannesburg (4)

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Horse-riding safari from Johannesburg

Join us on an unforgettable horse-riding safari from Johannesburg. World renowned for its incredible array of wildlife species, South Africa makes for an unforgettable horse-riding safari destination.

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Quality horses and guides are the foundation to ensure a successful and enjoyable horse-riding safari from Johannesburg. When you have gracefully mounted your trusty steed and left the reassuring grind of our Landrover and the comfort of an accelerator behind, you are no longer an observer of the South African Bush. You are now a part of the natural environment.

You may even become a part of the notorious circle of life if you stray into a pride of lions. But of course, our aim is to not do that. Unless of course you give our riding instructors a bad time. We will trot after towering giraffe, sneak up on zebra and melt into herds of antelope.

Adrenalin inducing perhaps, but there is not much than can top a horseback safari. If there was a landmark for horse riding safari from Johannesburg it would definitely be at Colins Horseback Safaris, our chosen partner for this incredible outdoor opportunity.

Where the horses roam

Where do we take you for this horseback safari you may be wondering? Well don’t wonder too much as you may stray. We have partnered up with Collins Horseback safaris. The drive there takes about 1.5 hours from Johannesburg and is situated close to the town of Cullinan. But no need to worry about getting there. We have that covered. We will pick you up form your hotel and take you there.

Chomping on the bit

When it comes to chomping on the bit, we leave that up to our horses. But after 3 hours in the saddle you are most definitely going to be a tad hungry. Our day tour includes a wood fired pizza that you can chomp on.

We have an incredible array of toppings to choose from that include warthog, Kudu, crocodile, wildebeest, ostrich and maybe a smattering of ants. If ants are your thing that is. If pizza is not your thing, then there is the option to have a salad. But we tend to be salad swervers after a good ride.

What are the benefits of a horse riding safari from Johannesburg?

  • Let’s face it. Riding on a horse in the bush is way eco-friendlier than a safari vehicle. No fumes. No noise. All in all, a lot more natural.
  • On the back of a horse, you can explore a lot more areas that are sometimes no accessible by the safari vehicles.
  • Horse are a lot quieter than vehicles. And of course, being horses, they are a lot more natural. This means you would be able to get closer to the wildlife without scaring or disturbing them.
  • A horse-riding safari is a lot slower than a game vehicle. This means you notice a lot more of your surroundings and will help keep you in the moment a lot more.
  • Our horse riding safari from Johannesburg caters for all ages and levels of experience.
  • Viewing of wildlife from the back of a horse is a totally unique and interactive experience.
Horse riding safari day tour Johannesburg (4)
Horse riding safari day tour Johannesburg (4)
Horse riding safari day tour Johannesburg (4)

Stop Horsing around….Safety protocols for the ride?

Our resident horse-riding instructor will conduct a full assessment on your riding capability. She not only needs to determine your confidence, experience and mental abilities, but would also need to make sure you are paired up with the correct horse for your individual needs.

Once she has completed the assessment and you have been introduced to your horse for the duration of the safari day tour, you will be taken through the various safety protocols that include, how to mount the horse, how to steer, how to stop, what to do if the horse doesn’t listen to you and how to handle a trot. You will also be equipped with a riding helmet.

What level of experience is required?

Never ridden a horse before? No Problem. Our resident expert and instructor will take you through all aspects and safety protocols for the safari. It is easier than you think. You will also be paired up with a horse that suits your abilities. The instructor will always ne close at hand to help you on the out ride.

If you have had previous experience riding, then also no problem. The groups are split up according to experience levels for you to maximize your safari. There are a lot of wild animals we need to track so we seldom gallop as we would care them away. A nice and chilled out ride.

How long is the safari?

We usually spend about 2.5 hours in the saddle. This gives us plenty of time to observe the wild animals and not out too much strain on the horses. An interesting book to read if you plan on ever extending the safari is called ’24 hours in the Saddle’ by an author called Major Bumsore.

Weight restriction for the horses

The weight restriction for the horses is between 90 and 100kg. Yip, we font want to hurt our horses.

What time of day do we do the tour?

Pick up time form your hotel in Johannesburg is scheduled for 7am. The drive through to the safari takes about 1.5 hours. We aim to be in the saddle by about 9:15am. (before it gets too hot).

How long is the outride?

We usually spend about 2.5-3 hours out in the bush. Obviously, we will stop for breaks to get some water and allow our trusty steeds to nibble on some tasty grass as the need arises. The ride is supe chilled out. In fact, we need to sometimes be very slow and stealthy in order to get up close and personal with the wildlife of the reserve.

Why the long face?

No, you can’t ask our horses that! They are super chilled out and love the outrides. The only long face on the safari will be the people who did not get to ride.

She don’t eat meat but she sure like the grass

The last time we looked, wild animals are super alert to predators in the wild. In is for this reason you will notice that we allow the horses to eat grass when close to animals. If the animals, see the horses eating grass they instinctively decide that they are not met eating predators and do not perceive us as a threat.

Thus, allowing riders to get closer to the various species that could include zebra, giraffe and antelope. And please sunshine…don’t get wide and try eating the grass yourself to try and get close to that exquisite Kudu you’ve alwsys wanted to see. Jus stay on the horse and let nature flow as it should.

So, there you have it. If you are looking for a different type of day tour from Johannesburg, then maybe consider and horseriding safari.

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Horse riding safari Johannesburg

Horse riding safari day tour

Join us as we take you on a magical 3.5 hour safari horse ride in the bush.

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