Learn to SCUBA dive in Sodwana in just 4 days

Book a 4 day or 5 day scuba diving course in Sodwana and become a fully qualified certified scuba diver. Upgrade your diving certificate to Advanced diver or Rescue diver to add to your experience. Online practical lessons that you can do at your own leisure.

Take the Plunge-Learn to SCUBA dive in Sodwana

Have you ever have dreamed of floating weightlessly like an astronaut, investigating unusual species like a field researcher, or looking for lost objects like a treasure hunter? Scuba diving can make these dreams a reality! Scuba diving is relatively easy and only requires a short period of training to get started. Whether your goal in diving is fish watching, ocean conservation or simply meeting other adventurous people, 70% of the globe becomes accessible to you the moment you learn to breathe underwater!

‘The ocean, once it casts its spell, will hold you in its net of wonder forever”-Jacques Cousteau.

Think Scuba Diving Think Adventure Mania

Our partners when learning to SCUBA in Sodwana are Adventure Mania. The best dive operators in the area. Managed and owned by Jacques and Amanda van Jaarsveld, Adventure Mania in KwaZulu Natal operates within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park in Sodwana Bay and takes pride in personally taking care of all of our scuba divers, clients and students. Jacques and Amanda, both Scuba Diving Instructors, thrive best when sharing their knowledge and experiences with people. Scuba Diving in Sodwana Bay is without doubt one of the most incredible experiences and with Adventure Mania, you will be ensured of the best adventures possible service.

Why Learn To Scuba Dive With Us.

  • Learn to SCUBA Dive Open Water courses are run with a limited number of students to ensure that you receive more considerable attention and higher learning.
  • As well as having loads of fun, Getting your RAID scuba diving certification has never been easier. The Raid Online theory compartment of the course offers you the flexibility to learn at your leisure before the commencement of your pool sessions and open water training in Sodwana. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to scuba dive, discover new adventures or see the wondrous world beneath the waves, this is the best place in South Africa to learn.
  • All the online theory can be done on-line prior to arriving in Sodwana.
  • Sodwana is home to some of South Africa’s best temperate water boat diving. There is an abundance of tropical reefs, fish species as well stunning beaches.
  • The RAID qualification is recognized internationally. When you Learn to Scuba Dive in Sodwana you will be well prepared to scuba dive anywhere in the world.

Where is the SCUBA Course done?

Courses are held in Sodwana. You will meet up with Amanda at Adventure Mania on the Sodwana main road.

When are the courses run?

Whenever you want basically. Of course we would need a day or two’s notice to make sure we have space.

What the SCUBA dive course includes:

  • Online Open water training material
  • Registration fees
  • Use of all diving equipment for the duration of the diving course
  • Confined water dives in the swimming pool
  • 4 open water qualifying dives in the oceanair
  • Air fills for the 4 dives

What the course excludes:

What you will need to achieve in order to qualify

  • Age limit is 15 years
  • Complete the RAID medical Statement. This consists of questions to be answered either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If any question is answered ‘yes’,  written clearance is needed from a doctor.
  • Students must pass the theory assessment
  • Students must pass the pool session practical assessment.
  • Students must complete 4 SCUBA dives in open water ( the ocean)
  • Course must be completed within 6 months.
  • Students must be able to swim 200m unaided and tread water/ or float for 8 hours. Okay….just joking. Only 10 minutes.


Our team of Sodwana Bay specialists provide our guests with a multitude of travel services.

We can plan the perfect holiday for you. Let us handle all aspects of your tour logistics from transport, accomodation, food and of course…..diving.

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