Marine Adventures

Shark Diving Tour South Africa

5 day shark diving tour in South Africa. Fully inclusive package that covers two of the most popular reefs known
5 Days

15 Day Best Of South Africa Tour

Scuba diving, hiking, wildlife safari, whale watching, sea kayaking and boat cruises combined with chilled out sightseeing and cultural tours
Cape Town, Drakensberg, Sodwana, St Lucia
15 Days

3 Day Hermanus Whale Tour

Join us on one of Hermanus’ most unique and interactive whale viewing experiences. 
3 Days

14 Day White Shark Volunteer Programme

The White Shark Volunteer Programme offers a unique opportunity to be involved in some incredible and groundbreaking research into these
Cape Town
14 Days

5 day Freediving in Sodwana

Experience the fastest growing adventure sport in the world with South Africa Adventures!
South Africa
5 Days

3 Day Aliwal Shoal Scuba Diving Tour from Durban(transport included)

Get up close to ragged tooth sharks and many more magnificent marine creatures of South Africa!
South Africa
3 Days

1 Day Great White Shark Cage Diving

Face you’re your fears, embrace nature and experience the thrill of Great White Shark Cage diving in Cape Town. This
Cape Town, South Africa
1 Day

5 day Sodwana Bay Diving Tour Adventure including transport from Johannesburg

Take a scuba diving adventure tour in Sodwana Bay and have an unforgettable experience of this marine splendor!
South Africa
5 Days

Surfing Safari Adventure Tour in Durban South Africa

Surfing Safari Adventures - an experience to remember! Surf the world renowned beaches of KwaZulu-Natal. Experience the freedom of these sought
South Africa
3 Days

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever”- Jacques Cousteau

The ocean and Africa. Immense, wide, bottomless, and limitless: Welcome to the aquatic world of Africa, a water lovers number 1 travel destination. A place where the senses are stimulated beyond all perceptions. Africa has more to see, do, touch, smell, and taste that we can even start to try and explain.

People for centuries have been drawn to the magical and mystical allure of the ocean. It is like a tonic of wildness that is unfathomable and unconquerable. An appeal that keeps us mystified and longing for its embrace.

Wildlife and Safari Haven

South Africa is not only well known for its wildlife and safaris, it is also well known for its unique and wild ocean adventures. The incredible diversity of the coast means that South Africa has something for everyone.

From Great White Shark diving in Cape Town to scuba diving on tropical reefs to just chilling out on a deserted and untouched tropical beach. When it comes to scuba diving, South Africa boasts some of the amazing and unspoilt reefs. In fact, the reefs of Sodwana on the North coast of Kwazulu Natal have been rated as one of the top dive sites in the world. And if it’s a shark encounter you seek, South Africa is the Shark capital of the world.  Spending a day in Cape Town with the Great White Sharks is an experience you will never forget.


We value price and a unique personalized service that will exceed your expectations.

South Africa is a marine lovers paradise that offers a variety of aquatically-gifted adventures which have been hand crafted by our passionate, sun bleached, golden tanned, ocean loving staff. We have a variety of tours available or just contact us and we will gladly assist you in creating a custom tour that suites your specific level of comfort and adventure level.

We recognize that the logistics involved planning a scuba diving trip or sailing trip can be become pretty stressful especially when travelling to Africa. For this reason we have dedicated Trip Planners that will be assigned to you to assist you with all aspects of the planning process.


Service with a Smile!

From meeting you at the airport to making sure your dives have been booked to making sure you have an ice cold beer waiting for you at the end of the day.

All of our marine and ocean tours within South Africa have been crafted to allow you the unique opportunity to not only enjoy the aquatic environment of South Africa from a boat, kayak or on SCUBA, but to interact with the people of this beautiful land and their views regarding the ocean environment and its impact on their lives.