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Shark Diving Tour South Africa

5 day shark diving tour in South Africa. Fully inclusive package that covers two of the most popular reefs known
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5 Days
Aliwal Shoal Scuba Diving adventure tour in South Africa_Scuba diving

3 Day Aliwal Shoal Scuba Diving Tour from Durban(transport included)

Get up close to ragged tooth sharks and many more magnificent marine creatures of South Africa!
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South Africa
3 Days
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5 day Sodwana Bay Diving Tour Adventure including transport from Johannesburg

Take a scuba diving adventure tour in Sodwana Bay and have an unforgettable experience of this marine splendor!
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South Africa
5 Days

Scuba diving in South Africa opens up Davie Jones Locker of vacation possibilities.

And there is no better way to get wet, than with South Africa’s leading dive vacation specialists, South Africa Adventures.

We have been involved in the scuba diving vacation and adventure industry for over 10 years. What does this mean to our potential underwater clients? It means we have become South Africa’s No.1  dive package experts, offering the best deals and SCUBA vacation experiences.

If marine diversity, unspoilt reefs and a wild diving adventure is what you are looking for you have come to the right place. Although Africa is well known for its wildlife, it is also home to some of the best diving spots in the world.  Explore our growing list of diving packages in South Africa and Mozambique. We cater for groups, individual dive vacations or family diving trips in some of the best dive sites that sunny South Africa has to offer.

Best diving spots in South Africa

Ask any SCUBA diver in South Africa about the best spot to dive and you are in for a lengthy discussion over a few cold beers. 350 beers and over 1000 dives later and we believe we have identified some of the best dive sites South Africa and Mozambique have to offer.

South Africa is home to numerous dive spots with a diverse selection of options whether you are a novice or a seasoned old sea dog.  By far the most popular diving vacation hot spot in South Africa is Sodwana which lies 500km north of Durban in the province of KwaZulu Natal. Besides the abundance of indo-pacific fish that can be found here, the chances of diving with a whale shark are also pretty high.

As you travel down south along the east coast of South Africa you come to the home of the Ragged Tooth Sharks at Aliwal Shoal. A popular SCUBA diving vacation spot, not only for the shark encounters but the marine diversity as well. If you are up for a more adrenalin pumping diving experience and don’t mind bringing a spare pair of under pants, protea banks is an excellent diving destination for shark diving. The reef has become world famous due to the fact that it is home to a variety of shark species from the Tiger Shark, hammerhead, bronze, and Zambezi (Bull) shark.

There is an ocean full of destinations waiting for you.

Never dived before?

No stress. Our favorite hobby is diving. We will how you how. Our brief introductory Resort certification will give you the opportunity to experience the wonders of the unique South African aquatic world in just one day.

What makes our diving tours different?

We know!!!! The frustration of crawling out of the proverbial primordial soup of the ocean way back in the beginning is leaving you a tad restless. It’s not every day you get to indulge your senses in the ocean realm. But for us it has been our passion and job for over 10 years. And what have we learnt from our wetsuit-clad clients?

What they REALLY want on a diving vacation besides the ice cold beer on the beach as we watch the African sunset over the Indian Ocean. We have created a balance of freedom to take in the unique South African aquatic environment, a mix of incredible diving and of course the chance to just chill out with the local diving community as they share stories of the sea with you. The motto for our diving vacations?  Don’t come on a diving tour if you want to work on your tan. We like to keep our groups small with a massive emphasis on marine conservation and of course fun.

An incredible way to not only to forge new friendships and immerse yourself in the best diving trips South Africa has to offer, it’s about finding new perspectives. It’s the stories you share and experiences that stick around long after the shark tooth dislodges itself from your skull.