Shark Cage Diving Day Tour

Shark cage diving tour adventure cape town south africa

1 Day Great White Shark Cage Diving

Face you’re your fears, embrace nature and experience the thrill of Great White Shark Cage diving in Cape Town. This
Cape Town, South Africa
1 Day

Why Choose South Africa Adventures for your shark diving experience?

Caring for the sharks and the marine environment is our top priority

Crew who have an absolute passion for sharks and their well being

The boat used for the shark diving offers some awesome, unobstructed views from the deck.

Smaller group sizes. We take a maximum of 8 people per trip to ensure you have the greatest chance of interaction.

All diving equipment as well as clean dry towels are supplied.

A range of tours from full day to half day adventures

Multiple dives opportunities. Didn’t see the shark on the first round? Dive again, and again!

shark cage diving day tour cape town south africa
shark cage diving adventure tour south africa

Responsible Tourism

Our main priority given the sensitive nature surrounding Great White Cage diving in Cape Town  is to undertake continual improvements toward ecological sustainability through the adoption of ‘best practice’ techniques.  We rely primarily on traveller feedback and general staff observations and incorporate these into our policies and procedures.  All of our shark diving partners are licensed and operate under the Great White Cage Diving Code of Conduct as set out by South African law.

Do you have to have a SCUBA qualification to do the shark dive?

No certification is required for the great white shark cage diving adventure. All dives are surface dives using a wetsuit and a snorkel. So you basically float on the surface inside the cage. And of course, the sharks around you

About the surface Cage

The super steady and super strong diving cage is accessed form the platform of the boat. You basically hop into the center of the cage and is completely safe. There are 4 divers at a time in the cage. Once in the cage, the real fun and pure adrenalin rush of the Great White experience comes to life.

How safe is it to cage dive with sharks?

Great White Shark cage diving has become one of the most popular adventures to do in Cape Town. The idea of coming face to face with the oceans most feared creature is something that would make the bravest of travellers think twice. The fear and adrenalin we feel is our natural human response to an irrational fear to diving with Great White Sharks.  Thanks to the media and movies like Jaws and Deep Blue Sea, humans have been subconsciously brainwashed into thinking that sharks are mindless psychopaths of the ocean and are determined to hunt us poor humans down and mindlessly slaughter us.  The exact opposite is true about sharks. This is something that you will get to witness on our cage diving adventure.

Shark cage diving tour adventure cape town south africa