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Kruger park Safari

4 Day Kruger Park Safari

The Kruger National Park is arguably the finest safari destination in South Africa and offers an abundance of wildlife viewing
Kruger National Park
7 day Drakensberg Hike and Kruger Park Safari Combo

7 day Drakensberg Hike and Kruger Park Safari Combo

This combo tour is basically all inclusive and you will be accompanied from day one by our mountain and wildlife
Drakensberg, Kruger National Park
7 Days
Safari in the Kruger national park

3 Day Kruger Park tour from JHB

3 Day Kruger Park Tour from Johannesburg - Pure beauty, the stillness and peace of the African bush, wild animals
Kruger National Park
3 Days
Kruger National Park Safari | Safari adventures in the kruger national park

4 day Kruger National Park Safari Adventure

Experience the ultimate African safari in the Kruger National Park! Everytime you visit the Kruger Park a small piece always
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Kruger National Park, South Africa
4 Days

Safari Tours to The World Famous Kruger National Park

Our Kruger Park tours are designed to get you closer to nature. They are focused on finding the best game viewing experiences where you will get the opportunity to get right into the very heart of the animals world.

And we recognise that everyone is different with varying levels of comfort, budget and travel expectations. That is why we have included a range of accommodation from camping in safari tents to 5 star lodges. We have come a long way from our very humble beginnings of unshaven dreamers with a laptop and a Landover as an office.

Although we are a tad larger and dare we say more experienced from years back, the reason for starting our Kruger Park tours stays the same- to offer value for money, action packed and professional tours.

About the Kruger Park

South Africa is home to many game reserves. But the one that stands out the most is the infamous Kruger Park. The Park is a vast ecosystem that is officially the largest game reserve in South Africa. It covers a massive 19,000 square kilometres. The same size as Wales. And not the kind that swim in the ocean. We are talking about the country. And as far as diversity of wildlife goes, the Kruger is considered the most prolific in the whole of Africa. No other park has a higher animal and bird density. Animals of the Kruger Park

Big 5? Oh yes!!! In abundance!! Zebra, giraffe and antelope? Check!! Cheetah and Africa Wild dog? Yes. In fact the Kruger Park is home to pretty much every animal Africa has to offer. Except whales of course. And maybe a few stray penguins. There are 147 types of mammals roaming the park so the chances of seeing your favourite animal is pretty good.

And if birding is your thing, the Kruger is home to over 500 bird species. Excluding the chicken that we are going to use for your toasted sandwich. Some of the impressive birds include vultures, Fish Eagles and storks.

What makes an epic Kruger Park Tour?

  • Explore the Kruger National Park in depth and discover the abundance of wildlife with morning and late afternoon game drives
  • Learnt about the history of the reserve as well as intimate knowledge of the animals that are sighted.
  • Take mind blowing game drives in open air game vehicles as you search for not only the Big 5, but for the many other wild animals that make up this incredible wildlife arena.

Why travel to the Kruger with South Africa Adventures?

We have been involved in the adventure travel business for over 10 years. And what have we learnt? That travellers want more than just a game drive, a room and a boring wildlife experience. We have endeavoured to make our Kruger Park tours memorable and special by keeping the groups small, incorporating local culture and focusing on what our clients want.  Below are our core factors that are vital in the success of our Kruger Park tours.


We believe that driving around in a mud covered old school Landover Defender is a way better game viewing experience than an air conditioned bus full of bleary eyed, morbid zombies. The car has character and there is no better way to end the day than sipping on an ice cold beer on the roof of the Landy while watching elephants basking in the river below.


Our chosen accommodation for our Kruger Park tours reflects the character of an authentic African safari. A pretty obvious choice we’d like to think. No boring city type accommodation allowed on these tours. So whether it’s a safari tent or a lodge, we have chosen rustic African style accommodation.

Sense of Freedom

There is nothing worse than being contained to an exact itinerary. The tour is yours. And we would love for you to experience every sight and sound an Africa safari has to offer.  Yes we have a certain degree of structure and organisation on the tours. We also have a lot of ‘free’ time where you can break away and do whatever you want. Except get eaten by a lion.

Small groups

To truly enjoy and experience the soul of a Kruger Park Tour we believe that small is better. Our groups are kept to a minimum of 10 and are usually made up of a mixture of solo travellers, friends and couples from all corners of the globe. And if you don’t have a friend we will make sure you find one.

Expert Guides

Every tour comes equipped with your very own versatile and adaptable tour guide. Batteries not included. They are responsible for ensuring a truly enriching safari experience and are there to show you every hidden nook, seedy bar and animals while immersing you in cultural and wildlife experience as seen through the eyes of a local.