Pilanesberg Safari Adventures

Wildlife Photo Safari from Johannesburg

Spend 2 days on this incredible Wildlife Photo Safari tour from Johannesburg. Your host is world renowned photographer, Pierre Bassani.
2 Days

2 Day Black Rhino Safari Lodge

If luxury, wild animals and a private Pilanesberg safari are what you are looking for, you will find all three
2 Days

3 Day Luxury Pilanesberg Safari

Our luxury 3 day safari includes 3 days and 2 nights at the Kwa Maritane lodge. This incredible lodge emanates

Budget Pilanesberg Safari from Johannesburg - Full Day Experience

Experience a full day Pilanesberg safari for less!
1 Day

3 Day Pilanesberg Camping Safari & Canopy Tour

Join us on this spectacular 3-day adventure tour that combines a truly authentic wildlife safari experience in the Pilanesberg National
Pilanesberg, South Africa
3 Days

2 Day Luxury Pilanesberg Safari

The Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge is more than a luxury lodge, more than the perfect Pilanesberg safari destination, more than
2 Days

2 day Pilanesberg Safari Adventure

Take a walk on the wild side and see what our safari tour has to offer with this safari adventure
Pilanesberg, South Africa
2 Days

Pilanesberg Walking Safari Adventure

Treat yourself to a magnificent walking safari tour adventure in the ever popular Pilanesberg National Park!
Pilanesberg, South Africa
3 Days

Pilanesberg Safari Tours

The Pilanesberg has fast become the hot spot for savvy safari-seeking travelers thanks to its relative proximity to Johannesburg. And the good news besides the abundance of wildlife that can be found there ? It is malaria free. So no gross tasting malaria tablets are a definite bonus. The Pilanebserg is a unique biosphere reserve with superb family friendly lodges as well as the options for the more rustic camping style travelers.

The game reserve is located within an extinct volcano ring complex and offers arguably the most scintillating game viewing outside of the Kruger National park. Many of our safari tours involve spending time in the various ‘hides’ of the game reserve waiting for animals to come and drink. It is a common sight to see elephants swimming and frolicking in the watering holes to cool off from the South African sun.

On some of the game drives we are lucky enough to have 30 elephant around the vehicle. Tracking lions as they stalk an impala is an experience on our Pilanesberg Safari tours that will stay with you forever. And don’t forget the magic of a roaring African bush fire with a nice glass of wine under the starry skies to end your day. Facts about the Pilanesberg

  • It is the fourth largest park in South Africa covering nearly square km.
  • Over 7000 wildlife species ( including
  • Over 300 species of bird
  • Malaria free

Why take a safari in the Pilanesberg?


The Pilanebserg is only a 2 hour drive away from the City of Gold, Johannesburg. So before you can utter the age old saying of ‘are we there yet’, you are there. The route to the reserve heads North West via the agricultural lands of Hartebeespoort and the largest Platinum mines in the world.

Variety of accommodation:

The diversity of accommodation available on a Pilanesberg safari is pretty wide scale. From Luxury 5 star lodges to the good old safari tents where a roaring fire and the bright African stars are your platform to an incredible tour experience.

Ecological Richness:

Not many game reserves in South Africa offer the incredible biodiversity of ecological richness that the Pilanesberg does. It is definitely a safari destination that needs to be experienced. The park exists in a transition zone between wet Lowveld vegetation and the dryness of the infamous Kalahari near Namibia. It is pretty incredible to witness the changes that can change every half an hour on a safari game drive. The result of these transitional zones is the attraction of an abundance of animals. And because of the distinct zones, it is also advantageous on a Pilanesberg safari in that the game ranger can predict the type of animals that can be found in each one.  In terms of the wildlife living in the reserve, it is home to virtually all native South African animals including the Big 5. And no the Hippo and Giraffe are not part of the Big 5. Lion, Buffalo, African Elephant, Rhino and Leopard have won that esteemed title.

Busting with Wildlife:

Even though most of our clients that join us on the safari tours cannot believe the sheer size of the park, the Pilanesberg is actually relatively small as far as game reserves go. This together with the ecological richness increases your chances of not only seeing the Big 5 but a host of other wildlife species as well. Giraffe, wildebeest, impala and zebra are so abundant that you that the chances of witnessing a lion kill on your safari are greatly increased. And no you are not allowed to join the lions in their feast. The alpha male might get bit upset and we like our travelers going home in one piece.

Ancient History:

The Pilanesberg National Park is set within a volcano. And no need to worry about going home toasted. It has been extinct for millions of years. The resulting overflow of magma back in day has created some dramatic landscape that is makes a Pilanesberg safari so unique and unforgettable.

Seasons of the Pilanebserg:

As with most of South Africa, our ‘dry’ season is in the winter months from April to September. Probably one of the best times to go on safari in the Pilanebserg as it is not to hot and the chances of seeing the wildlife is greatly increased. The ‘wet’ season from October to March is not to be dismissed however. The fact that the sun sets later is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a late afternoon game drive or experience the magic of a typical South African thunderstorm. And although it does get pretty hot in the summer months there is always the opportunity to cool off in a swimming pool during siesta time in the afternoon.