My Champagne Castle Hiking experience in the Drakensberg Mountains We asked one of our regular clients to share in their latest experience. The hike was in the Central Drakensberg area and the objective was to get to the summit of the second highest mountain in South Africa known as Champagne Castle- a challenging yet rewarding trek with some incredible views. The camp for the 2 nights was nestled between the looming peaks of the Dragons Back, Champagne, Cathkin Peak and Monks Cowl. The camp known as Keith’s Bush Camp is the perfect spot for a summit bid. It is situated

Our guided Drakensberg hiking tours from Johannesburg South Africa Adventures are the leading tour company when it comes to guided Drakensberg hikes from Johannesburg. We have been involved in over 200 guide hikes to South Africa’s premiere trekking destination for over 10 years. We get it!!! You would love to go hiking in the Drakensberg but you are faced with a number of challenges; You have no one go with You lead a pretty hectic lifestyle and the logistics of organizing the trip for yourself or a group of friends is just too stressful You are a solo traveller and

Bucket list adventures in South Africa So yes it’s no secret!!! South Africa is definitely my favorite place in the world especially if you are looking for the ultimate bucket list adventures. If I had a choice I would move there in a heartbeat. I love absolutely everything about the ‘Rainbow Nation’, from its stunning beaches to mystical forests to majestic mountains to chilled out and friendly vibe.  South Africa is definitely the perfect destination for adventure travellers the world over. I have traveled to the country with South Africa Adventures 5 times and yet I still find some incredible

5  reasons to book a guided Drakensberg hike with Us!  Indulge your senses and challenge your mental and physical ability in South Africa’s number one hiking destination – book a guided Drakensberg hike! The Dragon Mountains have a special kind of magical allure that will captivate your soul and leave you with an unquenchable and   tantalizing desire to come back again and again. You will be immersed in some of the most scenic and remote mountain scenery. It is no wonder the Drakensberg has gained World Heritage Site status. So what makes hiking in the Drakensberg so special you may

Mafadi – the highest mountain in South Africa  One of the definite highlights of any trekking enthusiast is to summit the highest mountain in South Africa. The peak, which is situated in the Drakensberg Mountains, is named ‘Mafadi’. Although we have been involved in over 20 successful summits of this 3451m peak, this hiking trip was full of surprises. Our team for the hike consisted of just the 6 of us. The purpose of the hike was primarily to test the team’s mental and physical stamina in preparation for their upcoming attempt at climbing Island Peak (6189m) in the Himalayas.

South Africa Adventures’ Best Hiking Trails in the Drakensberg South Africa is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and we have hand picked the best hiking trails in the Drakensberg just for you! Discover the immense beauty and serenity of hiking in the Drakensberg Mountains. From misted mountain passes to enchanted fern forests and cascading waterfalls, to vast open space. There will be moments when you think you are dreaming-having stumbled into a fantasy world that will ignite not only your senses but open up Pandora’s Box of imaginative splendor. It is no wonder Tolkien

What to do if faced with an emergency in the Drakensberg  So you are looking at going on an epic hike in the Drakensberg but you are worried about your safety? That is a fair enough point given the remoteness of the hiking trails. So let us put your mind at ease. In the following article we will take you through our safety protocol that we have implemented for all of our Drakensberg hikes. Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of potential dangers/scenarios on the hike and how we have a plan to overcome them. We will also

South Africa Adventures Guided Drakensberg Hikes Our guided Drakensberg hikes are extremely popular!. The Drakensberg Mountains are considered as the best hiking destination in South Africa. The range extends for over 1000km around the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. Most guided Drakensberg hikes however only cover the 230 odd kilometer stretch from the Southern Drakensberg in Underberg through to the Northern Drakensberg area of the Amphitheatre. Within this area there are over 50 various routes that hikers can take. Some of the routes are pretty straight forward day hikes where little hiking experience is needed. And then there are the more

Amphitheatre hike in the Drakensberg with South Africa Adventures As many intrepid hikers the world over know, the Drakensberg mountains in South Africa are fast becoming one of the most  popular hiking destinations . In fact, these ancient spires of ancient rock are rated in the top 10 hikes to do on this jagged planet we call Earth. One of our most popular hiking tours in the Drakensberg by far is to the top of the Amphitheatre. Over the past 15 years we have taken over 2000 hikers on this tour. And why would this tour be so popular many

How fit do I need to be for a hike in the Drakensberg? Drakensberg Hike Fitness – not only is this one of the most frequently asked questions about our hiking tours in the Drakensberg but is also a topic of concern for us as a guiding company as well. A lot of people underestimate hiking in the mountains. There are so many factors at play that the average person does not take into account when booking for a hike. We have written this article to hopefully give our clients a rough idea of what to expect, how to train