Horse riding safari Johannesburg

Horse Riding Safari Day Tour

Horse riding safari day tour

Ever wanted to horse ride in the African bush? Then this horse riding safari day tour from Johannesburg is the perfect choice of experience. Join us as we take you on a magical 3.5-hour horse ride in the bush where you will get to see a variety of wild animals from zebra, giraffe, kudu, waterbuck and many more. The ultimate African horseback adventure for those of you with just a day to spare.

Horse riding is our absolute passion.  There is no better way to explore the African bush than from the back of a horse. Let us handle all the logistics for you. This day tour from Johannesburg will afford some spectacular game viewing from the saddle of a magnificent beast we all know so well-a horse. You will become part of a herd of grazing zebra or a towering giraffe as you creep up silently into their world. And being on a horse seems to be a great advantage. Being grazers themselves, maybe there is some sort of silent brotherhood among the animals we are totally unaware of. Be that as it may, we love it!! It allows us to get up close and personal with the wild animals of Africa.

Never ridden a horse before?

No worries. The horses are well trained, forward going and super friendly. So not only is this horse-riding safari superb for experienced horsemen but it is also the perfect place to try out your first horse riding experience.  guide specializes in teaching novices the art of riding a horse. It is way easier than you think.

How long is the ride?

The duration of the horse-riding safari is approximately 3.5 hours.

How far is the drive from Johannesburg?

The drive takes about 90 minutes from Johannesburg. We head north past Pretoria and head in the direction of a small diamond mining ton known as Cullinan.

When is the horse riding safari day tour takes place?

Our horse-riding safari tours from Johannesburg run from Tuesday to Sunday. The pickup time from your hotel is 6:30 am. ( give us time to get through traffic and enjoy a cup of coffee before we head on out into the wild African bush)

What is the minimum age?

We have capped the minimum age at 12. However, we do allow kids from say 7 years old only if they have had previous experience riding horses.

What is the maximum weight allowed?

Although the horses are strong, we have limited the weight that you can be to a maximum of 95kg (210 pounds for the more Imperialistic types our there).

What are the minimum and maximum group size?

The minimum group size is 2. The maximum is 10. If you are a solo traveler, please give us a shout via our online chat or email to see if we can slot you into an existing tour. As mentioned, the maximum group size is 10. It is not that we don’t have enough horses, it’s because we want to enhance the overall horse-riding safari experience. Too many people and we lose the intimacy of the tour.

What type of clothing should I wear on horse riding safari day tour?

If you have ridden a horse before you would probably have learned that short pants are a big ‘NO NO’. The same applies to this day tour. We understand- You are in Africa and want to sport the new stylish safari shorts you bought at the duty-free shop. Well, a word of advice. DON’T. It is best to wear long pants/jeans. The resulting effect of wearing shorts is an NSHSR. Or for the acronym lacking traveler like me- the “nasty stylish horse safari rash”.

What if I can’t keep up with the group?

Stress, not young Skywalker. We have enough guides on the safari so the good riders can have the chance to jump, gallop and have lots of fun whilst not putting pressure on the novices.

Our driver will meet you at your hotel for a complimentary pick up at 6:30am. We then take the 90-minute drive north past the city of Pretoria towards what is know as Cullinan. The venue for this incredible horse-riding safari from Johannesburg tour is held at Horseback Africa.

Once we arrive, we enjoy a cup of coffee and meet the horse-riding guide who will be taking you on the tour.

The guide will chat to each guest to determine your horse-riding skills and then make sure you are paired with the correct horse for the day. We will also take you through an extensive briefing on what to expect on the ride and the safety protocols. This usually takes about 45 minutes depending on the experience of the group.

The safari lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours where you will get to view some of the wild animals that live on the reserve. These include giraffe, zebra, kudu, waterbuck and the occasional air hostess.

We should be done with the safari ride by about 11:30am. We then take the opportunity to chill out with a cold beverage under the trees and reflect on the experience. We then treat you to a wild side pizza cooked to perfection in the wood fired oven.

At 1pm, we start our journey back to Johannesburg. We should have you back in your hotel by about 2:30pm.


  • Hotel pick up from any location within Johannesburg.
  • Return transfer to the horse-riding safari venue located about 90 minutes’ drive from Johannesburg. Only 1 hour from the aiport.
  • 3.5-hour safari horse riding experience with our expert specialist guide.
  • All riding equipment
  • The horse. LOL. We just had to throw that in there. Of course, it includes the horse. It would be a tad hard to ride without one.
  • Wild side pizza lunch
  • Bottled Water


  • Any alcoholic beverages or cold drinks (they are available to buy at the venue)
  • Tips/gratuities
  • Any travel/medical insurance in the case of an injury
  • Experience a safari on horseback. How cool is that? You will get up close and personal with some of the most iconic wild animals that South Africa is famous for. These include giraffe, kudu, zebra, waterbuck and many more.
  • Perfect for beginners and experienced riders
  • Small group size
  • Our horse-riding safari tour expert will teach you the art of riding a horse if you have never ridden before.
  • The venue for this incredible day tour is situated just north of Pretoria on a remote and wild reserve. It will feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.
  • Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the African bush.
  • Scrumptious ‘after safari’ pizza that includes a choice of warthog, kudu, ostrich, crocodile or vegetarian.