Lesedi Cultural village_Day tour in Johannesburg South Africa

Sterkfontein Caves and Lesedi Cultural Village Day Tour

Lesedi Cultural Village Day Tour

The ‘Rainbow Nation’ of South Africa is very unique from any other country in the world. What makes this country so unique is that it is comprised of over 12 different ethnic groups. The Lesedi Cultural village is a colorful and vibrant journey into the various tribal homesteads and culture that make up the majority of South Africa. The cultural village is a fantastic way to get on overview of South Africa’s tribal history. The Lesedi Cultural Village Day Tour lasts for approximately 2 hours.

And if the visual stimuli was not enough we finish the tour with a demonstration of African drumming and traditional dancing. African drums hold a special place in the hearts of the Zulu and Xhosa people. Drumming in the rest of the world is associated with making music sound better. In South Africa, the drum represents a more symbolic and historical meaning. Combined with a traditional ritual dance, the drums are a vital part of any ceremony from births to deaths to weddings. The loud pounding of many drums is a powerful way of stirring up emotions especially before going to battle. And the only battle you will experience is the fighting for leftovers from lunch.

Sterkfontein caves Day Tour

The enchanting and ancient Sterkfontein caves have been attracting visitors from all over the world for more than 30 years, thanks to their incredible limestone formations and the discovery of the oldest human skull known to man. This incredible subterranean cave system is located beneath the rolling hills of African bush situated in the World Heritage site known as the ‘Cradle of Humankind’.

The guided day tour through the Sterkfontein Caves will be an unforgettable sightseeing experience as you wander through majestic caverns, explore archeological sites, marvel at the stalactites and stalagmites and enjoy the crisp clear air of an ancient cave system. The caves are only an hour’s drive from Johannesburg. The most recent discovery is that of an almost complete ape man skeleton named ‘Little Foot’. The fossil is believed to be nearly 4 million years old. 

South African Cultural Day Tours in Johannesburg

  • Our tours begin and end in Johannesburg or Pretoria
  • Pick up time is 9:30am from your hotel. You will be met by your guide who will be with you for the duration of your cultural tour.
  • The first part of the tour sees us driving through the green suburbs of Johannesburg towards the Cradle of Humankind where the Sterkfontein caves are situated. The drive takes about an hour.
  • Once we get there you will be met by a cave expert who will take you through the museum of archaeology before you brave the incredible and ancient labyrinths of lime stone caverns, stalactites and stalagmites of the Sterkfontein Caves.
  • The underground takes about an hour and you will get to see not only the fascinating natural features of a 4 million year old cave, but will pass the many excavation sites where the oldest human skull and bones were painstakingkly extracted from the rock. Most of the cave system is still virtually unexplored. And we don’t expect you to don your hard hat and set off into the cavernous abyss looking for dinosaur fossils. In fact, the tour only permits guests to explore a small percentage of the caves.
  • And don’t worry. There is no crawling through small spaces while trailing out a line of string to find our way back. The caverns inside the Sterkfontein caves are pretty big with built in walkways. So getting lost is virtually impossible.

Once you finally make your way back to daylight, we take the 20 minute drive through to the Lesedi Cultural village where we start part two of the tour.

  • The first part of the tour involves a dynamic and charismatic Zulu warrior taking you on a historical and cultural tour of the many South African villages that make up our Rainbow Nation. He will illustrate to you how the people have been living for centuries. What food they eat. How they farm.
  • Once the village tour is complete, you will be blown away with a 45 minute drumming and Zulu dancing show. A vital part of the cultural heritage of many South African tribes.
  • After the drumming and dancing session we will indulge your senses in a traditional South African lunch.
  • After lunch we take you back to your hotel. Back by about 15h30

What the traditional lunch comprises:

  • Lots of meat, South Africa is a meat-eating nation.
  • ‘Pap’, a traditional warm porridge made from maize and served with a tomato and onion sauce
  • ‘Morogo’, a wild African spinach
  • Samp, a mixture od various beans and corn served with butter and homemade spices

*vegetarian or Western food on request


  • Return transfers Johannesburg to both tours
  • All access fees and permits for the Sterkfontein caves and Lesedi Cultural village
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Qualified travel guide
  • Lunch , as well as unlimited water and hot beverages
  • 1 hour interactive tour of the caves
  • Tour of the cultural village
  • Drumming and African dancing session
  • Local Taxes


  • Flights and airport taxes
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Tips for guides
  • Visas for South Africa
  • Health requirements (if any)
  • Optional but highly recommended travel and medical insurance.
  • Meals & drinks not specified
  • Underground tour of a 4 million year old cave
  • Site of the oldest known human skull
  • Traditional African dancing
  • African drumming
  • You will accompanied on your cultural day tour with a qualifies guide
  • Only 1 hour from Johannesburg
  • Traditional South African Lunch
  • Pick up from any place within Johannesburg at no extra cost