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Sandboarding the Dragon on the spectacular Garden Route of South Africa. Various routes and options to choose from. Perfect for
Garden Route
3 Hours

Best of the Drakensberg hiking tour

Join our 8 day hiking tour of the Drakensberg. We cover the most scenic parts of the area and includes
8 Days

Hermanus Wine Tour

Hermanus has fast become well known for its great wine and food. Spend a day with us exploring the iconic
10 hours
New Tour

Drakensberg Helicopter Hiking Tour

Spend a night on top of the Drakensberg mountains. No strenuos hiking required. The helicopter tour takes you to the
2 Days
Most Popular

Garden Route Hiking

Spend 8 days on this incredible Garden Route Hiking adventure. The tour starts in Port Elizabeth and end in Cape
Garden Route
12 Days

Trekking Photography Tour

Incredible trekking photography tour to the Drakensberg mountains in South Africa. A must do experience that offers some mindblowing scenery
4 Days

Bell Traverse Hike

Incredible 3 day bell Traverse Hike in the central Drakensberg region
3 Days

Magaliesberg Hike

A great weekend hiking and camping experience in in the Magliesberg mountains. NO NEED to take leave
1/2 Day
New Tour

3 Day Drakensberg Slackpacking Trail

3-day luxury slackpacking hiking tour of the Southern Drakensberg
3 Days

15 Day Best Of South Africa Tour

Scuba diving, hiking, wildlife safari, whale watching, sea kayaking and boat cruises combined with chilled out sightseeing and cultural tours
Cape Town, Drakensberg, Sodwana, St Lucia
15 Days

3 Day Drakensberg Slackpacking and Hiking

The perfect Drakensberg hiking and camping tour for those of you who are looking for a less strenuous hiking experience.
3 Days

16 day Everest Base Camp Trek

This is definitely one of the best trekking routes in terms of majestic scenery, a humbling cultural experience and an
Kathmandu, Nepal
16 Days

Full Day Hiking Tour from Johannesburg

You bring your legs and we provide a passionate guide, an incredible unspoilt Full Day Hiking Tour from Johannesburg hiking
1 Day

4 Day Trilogy Of The Rings Drakensberg Hiking Tour

This tour was created out of the ashes of our Gandalf looking mountain guides subconscious mind over a camp fire
4 Days
4 day Mafadi Hike
Most Popular

4 Day Drakensberg Mafadi Hike

We spend 4 days and 3 nights in one of the most incredible and remote areas of the Drakensberg.
Drakensberg, South Africa
4 Days

7 day Drakensberg Hike and Kruger Park Safari Combo

This combo tour is basically all inclusive and you will be accompanied from day one by our mountain and wildlife
Drakensberg, Kruger National Park
7 Days
Guided 3 day Champagne Castle Drakensberg Hike
New Tour

3 Day Champagne Castle Drakensberg Hike

Challenging 3 Day Champagne Castle Drakensberg Hike. Hike through the majestic Drakensberg Mountains with an experienced hiking guide.
3 Days
Drakensberg Amphitheatre slackpacking adventure tour_10
Most Popular

4 Day Slackpacking Drakensberg Amphitheatre Hike

Want to Hike the Drakensberg Amphitheatre but want to do it in without heavy backpcks? This 4 Day slackpacking Drakensberg Hike
4 Days

3 Day Drakensberg Slackpacking Adventure

We have created an action packed Drakensberg experience that includes all the creature comforts.  The Drakensberg is bursting with adventure
3 Days

3 Day Mnweni Drakensberg Hike

Guided Drakensberg Mnweni Hike, A definite highlight of this hike is sleeping in Ledgers cave on the second night.
Drakensberg, South Africa
3 Days

Climb Mount Kenya 8 Day Tour

Mount Kenya is situated in the Central Highlands and showcases some of the most abundant and diverse ecological environments in
Mount Kenya
8 Days

5 Day Mnweni Drakensberg Hike

This tour not only includes some hiking in one of the most beautiful areas on the Drakensberg, but also a smattering
5 Days

4 Day Champagne Castle Drakensberg Hike

Experience truly stunning and breathtaking scenery, and hike the second highest mountain in South Africa! The Champagne Castle Drakensberg Hike will
Drakensberg, South Africa
4 Days

7 Day Wild Coast Hike Adventure Tour

Trekking the Wild Coast of South Africa with SA Adventures! Feel the freedom and beauty of this stunning landscape.
South Africa, Wild Coast
7 Days

The Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route

The Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route has a substantially high success rate and its one of our favorite routes to the Summit
Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
11 Days

Trekking Tour up Kilimanjaro Machame Route

The Kilimanjaro Machame route is one of our most popular routes to the summit. Book your Kilimanjaro Adventure today!
Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
10 Days

Mount Kilimanjaro Rongai Route Trekking Tour

Trek Mount Kilimanjaro via the Rongai Route with South Africa Adventures! The Kilimanjaro Rongai Route is a favorite amongst all
Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
10 Days

Drakensberg Mini Traverse Trekking Adventure

Enjoy the 7 Day Mini Traverse hike through the Drakensberg. Our qualified guides will be with you all the way.
Drakensberg, South Africa
7 Days

6 Day Hike Mafadi-Highest Mountain in South Africa

Climb the highest mountain in South Africa and be in awe of the view! Hike the Mafadi route in the
Drakensberg, South Africa
6 Days

Drakensberg Cathedral Peak Hike Adventure

Hike the Drakensberg cathedral Peak route with amazing panoramic awaiting you at the summit.  One for the bucket list!
Drakensberg, South Africa
3 Days
Drakensberg amphitheater hike with south africa adventures_1
Most Popular

Drakensberg Amphitheatre Hike

Enjoy the Guided Drakensberg Amphitheater hike with South Africa Adventures! Perfect opportunity to start your hiking passion.
Drakensberg, South Africa
2 Days

Kilimanjaro Umbwe Route Tour

The 9-day Kilimanjaro Umbwe Route hike is one of the most challenging routes to the summit of mount Kilimanjaro!
Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
9 Days

Welcome to Trekker’s Adventure Paradise!

South Africa and Africa is a trekker’s Adventure paradise. Because of the diverse terrain available, there are many opportunities from really challenging hikes like Kilimanjaro or the Mini Traverse in the Drakensberg, to pleasant and not so strenuous hikes like the Whale Trail in Hermanus or the Otter Trail. Choose your South African Trekking Adventure today!

Not only is a mountain like Kilimanjaro a challenge both physically and mentally, but we are really proud of the high percentage of our clients that reach the summit. Over 90% of people make the summit via the Machame, Lemosho, and Rongai routes.

If the big high altitude mountains are not your scene, stress not, we also offer a variety of lower impact treks that are have been selected for their scenic wonder. Our variety of Drakensberg hikes are our most popular ranging from 2 day hikes to 7 day hikes.

South Africa Adventures hiking and trekking Drakensburg

Hiking & Trekking Adventures FAQ

Trekking Adventures in SA

Is the altitude going to be a problem on our Trekking Adventures ?

Although most of our treks are below 3300m, a mountain like Kilimanjaro or Mount Kenya are regarded as high altitude treks and therefore the preparation and knowledge needed for a successful summit attempt is way different to a lower altitude climb. As one climbs into the thinner air that is found at higher altitudes your body is going to be effected by the lack of oxygen. It is a fact that everyone will be affected by the altitude.

The question is to what degree? Physiologically everyone is wired differently as so it is difficult to predict how your body will adapt at higher altitudes. The rule of thumb however to reduce the chances of altitude related issues is to go really really slow and stay hydrated. Prevention in better than cure.

As one climbs into the thinner air that is found at higher altitudes your body is going to be effected by the lack of oxygen. It is a fact that everyone will be affected by the altitude. The question is to what degree? Physiologically everyone is wired differently as so it is difficult to predict how your body will adapt at higher altitudes.

The rule of thumb however to reduce the chances of altitude related issues is to go really really slow and stay hydrated. Prevention in better than cure.

What do you eat on ou Trekking Adventures?

Our food has been specially designed from years of experience to ensure that you get the adequate energy requirements needed for the specific trek that you are on.

Our specially trained cooks will ensure that you get plenty of healthy, quality food which is freshly prepared. We have a team of dedicated porter’s who are assigned to carry all the fresh supplies.

To try and keep the trekking adventures as authentic as possible, our food usually consists of local cuisine although special requests like vegetarian or gluten-free meals can almost always be accommodated.

Do you have to share your tent while on trekking adventures?

We have two options available on our trekking adventures packages. As norm you are going to be assigned a tent/room mate who you will obviously share a tent with for the duration of the trek. However, we have the option for you to book your own tent, which will come at a premium. Unless you book the “My Own Room/Tent” option, yes, you’ll be bunking with someone else.

Trekking Adventures in the Wild Coast
Trekking Adventures in the Garden Route

Where do we sleep when on a trekking adventure?

Our various trekking options vary so where we sleep will vary. For example, our guided trekking trips on Kilimanjaro and the Drakensberg will entail sleeping in a tent. However, some of our treks include the service known as ‘slackpacking’ where you will be sleeping in bed and breakfast type accommodation.

All of our trekking adventures include a full-service camping experience where all the equipment is provided, including sleeping mats. Sleeping bags and hiking equipment like trekking poles, windproof jackets can be rented from us if you do not have.

Our tents used on all treks are of a high quality and vary depending on the conditions. High altitude tents are always used on Kilimanjaro while the lighter ones are used or treks where temperatures get really hot.

Who carries all the equipment?

Most of our trekking adventures are fully serviced. This means that our dedicated staff are responsible for carrying most of the hiking equipment (tents, food and cooking utensils) However this is adventure travel and we are not letting you get away with it easy.

You will still have to carry your own gear like that contains your sleeping bag, clothing form the hike and snacks. Porters are available to hire if you feel the need. Our Kilimanjaro hikes include porters so all you need to carry is water and stay focused on the climb.

What else will we do?

Mountains are truly exhilarating and the challenges you face on them on way different to any other form of adventure. Not on ly will you be physically and mentally challenged, but you will also get to meet the people and cultures that make up the unique soul of the mountains.

You will experience the freedom that mountains offer and hopefully come back from the trek with a new perspective on yourself and life.

trekking Adventures on safaris
Kilimanjaro climbing & Trekking adventure tours

Who’s leading the trekking adventures?

All of our trekking adventure guides are experts in their areas. Most of them have been hiking in the mountains for over 15 years and through their experiences have learned the art of mastering a successful hike.

Not only will they help you with simple things like a heavy pack but are also there to keep you motivated and offer some compassion and encouragement through the tougher parts of the trekking adventure.

Never been on a trekking adventure before?

No need to worry. Although some of our treks are pretty tough you don’t have to be a super fit endurance athlete to do them. Your personal trip planners will advise you on the severity and level of fitness required for each trekking adventure.

Most of our itineraries have been designed with the first time trekking adventurer in mind.  Although we also do offer the more challenging hikes for those who are looking at pushing their limits.