Drakensberg Trekking Adventures

Trekking Photography Tour

Incredible trekking photography tour to the Drakensberg mountains in South Africa. A must do experience that offers some mindblowing scenery

Bell Traverse Hike

Incredible 3 day bell Traverse Hike in the central Drakensberg region
New Tour

3 Day Drakensberg Slackpacking Trail

3-day luxury slackpacking hiking tour of the Southern Drakensberg

3 Day Drakensberg Slackpacking and Hiking

The perfect Drakensberg hiking and camping tour for those of you who are looking for a less strenuous hiking experience.
3 Days

4 Day Trilogy Of The Rings Drakensberg Hiking Tour

This tour was created out of the ashes of our Gandalf looking mountain guides subconscious mind over a camp fire
4 Days
4 day Mafadi Hike
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4 Day Drakensberg Mafadi Hike

We spend 4 days and 3 nights in one of the most incredible and remote areas of the Drakensberg.
Drakensberg, South Africa
4 Days

7 day Drakensberg Hike and Kruger Park Safari Combo

This combo tour is basically all inclusive and you will be accompanied from day one by our mountain and wildlife
Drakensberg, Kruger National Park
7 Days
Guided 3 day Champagne Castle Drakensberg Hike
New Tour

3 Day Champagne Castle Drakensberg Hike

Challenging 3 Day Champagne Castle Drakensberg Hike. Hike through the majestic Drakensberg Mountains with an experienced hiking guide.
3 Days
Drakensberg Amphitheatre slackpacking adventure tour_10
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4 Day Slackpacking Drakensberg Amphitheatre Hike

Want to Hike the Drakensberg Amphitheatre but want to do it in without heavy backpcks? This 4 Day slackpacking Drakensberg Hike
4 Days

3 Day Drakensberg Slackpacking Adventure

We have created an action packed Drakensberg experience that includes all the creature comforts.  The Drakensberg is bursting with adventure
3 Days

3 Day Mnweni Drakensberg Hike

Guided Drakensberg Mnweni Hike, A definite highlight of this hike is sleeping in Ledgers cave on the second night.
Drakensberg, South Africa
3 Days

5 Day Mnweni Drakensberg Hike

This tour not only includes some hiking in one of the most beautiful areas on the Drakensberg, but also a smattering
5 Days

4 Day Champagne Castle Drakensberg Hike

Experience truly stunning and breathtaking scenery, and hike the second highest mountain in South Africa! The Champagne Castle Drakensberg Hike will
Drakensberg, South Africa
4 Days

Drakensberg Mini Traverse Trekking Adventure

Enjoy the 7 Day Mini Traverse hike through the Drakensberg. Our qualified guides will be with you all the way.
Drakensberg, South Africa
7 Days

6 Day Hike Mafadi-Highest Mountain in South Africa

Climb the highest mountain in South Africa and be in awe of the view! Hike the Mafadi route in the
Drakensberg, South Africa
6 Days

Drakensberg Cathedral Peak Hike Adventure

Hike the Drakensberg cathedral Peak route with amazing panoramic awaiting you at the summit.  One for the bucket list!
Drakensberg, South Africa
3 Days
Drakensberg amphitheater hike with south africa adventures_1
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Drakensberg Amphitheatre Hike

Enjoy the Guided Drakensberg Amphitheater hike with South Africa Adventures! Perfect opportunity to start your hiking passion.
Drakensberg, South Africa
2 Days

Drakensberg Hiking Tours

It is no wonder that J.R.R. Tolkien was inspired by the Drakensberg Mountains. Apart from the jagged stone-gilt edges of the mountains, the valley walls have a running line of gothic-like rock ‘towers’ looming portentously into the African sky. South Africa Adventures offers Drakensberg Hiking Tours for all ages.

The range extends for over 200km and forms a natural border sometimes over 1000m high between South Africa and the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. The average height of the Drakensberg is 2900m with many peaks reaching over 3300m. The highest mountain in South Africa is called Mafadi (3451m), located in the Unjasuhti Valley of Kwazulu Natal. Other popular peaks include Cathedral Peak, Champagne Castle and of course the world renowned Amphitheatre where you can gaze in wonder at the  second highest waterfall in the world as it cascades over the escarpment into the valley 947m below.

Drakensberg trekking tour
South Africa Adventure tours in Drakensburg mountains

Hiking in the Drakensberg can be done all year round.

The Drakensberg Mountains are abundant with waterfalls, rock pools, magical mountain streams, crisp pure mountain air and rolling hills that will stoke the fires of your soul. Hiking in the Drakensberg is truly a special experience. The many routes into the mountains are so remote that we literally have the mountains all to ourselves.

Depending on your level of fitness, skill and desire for isolated, primordial adventure, we offer a variety of guided hiking tours ranging from an easy 2 day hike up the Amphitheatre to the Tugela Falls to the challenging yet spectacular trek to the highest mountain in South Africa.

Hiking in the Drakensberg can be done all year round. It is all dependent on what you are able to handle. The winter months from May to August can get bitterly cold and snow is usually found on the higher parts of the escarpment. The summer months can get pretty hot with the chances of afternoon thunderstorms prevailing.

We have an absolute passion for the Barrier of Spears and many of our guides and founding members have been trekking in these mountains since they were little boys. We have spent thousands of hours exploring and hiking in these mystical spires of nature. In fact over the past 10 years we have guided over 200 hikes into all areas of the Drakensberg with trekkers from all walks of life.

One of the appealing aspects of the incredible Drakensberg mountains is that they are still pristine, green and 100% natural.

As a South African, we are proud to be able to hike in these beautiful mountains and fortunate enough to be able to share our passion and diverse landscape to trekkers from all of world. Having grown up on the slopes of these magical mountains we have many stories to tell about the animals, the people who live there and surviving in a mountainous environment – all of which we want you to experience.

The most important thing on our tours is not only to show you some really incredible and beautiful peaks, but to ensure the environment is conserved and enhanced for the next generation of hikers.

 How do we do that? Our commitment to ensuring we operate in a sustainable way.

We have been actively involved in guided Drakensberg hikes since 2008, exploring and experiencing the best and worst these mountains have to offer. Because we believe in leaving a ‘low impact’ natural footprint, our groups have been kept small allowing us operate in unique areas.

We have a strict policy that follows the age old ethics of leave only footprints. We endeavour to ensure that when we leave a camping site there was little sign that we were even there. All litter is carried out of the mountains. All our soap used on the treks is biodegrable. Environmental awareness is key to preserving our delicate and wild mountain environment where even the ecosystem can be damaged even on foot.

South Africa Adventures hiking and trekking Drakensburg
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Why climb the Drakensburg Mountains with us?

Superior Safety standards

Qualified guides trained in First Aid

Guides are MDT accredited (South African Mountaineering Development & Training Trust) and Advanced Mountain Walking Leaders

Over 200 successful guided hikes into Drakensberg over the past 10 years

Intimate knowledge of the routes and environment

Direct access to our Drakensberg guides and experts

Fully catered hiking experience

Low climber to guide ratio. 1 guide for every 3 climbers

Our guides are active members of the Mountain Club of South Africa

Pre climb support in terms of preparation and advice

If you are first time adventure junkie or a seasoned mountain man, we have got the adventure for you. Explore our many unique, active itineraries below that have been designed to take you to some truly spectacular places without forgetting to include the cultural interaction and physical challenge that is the perfect mix for an adventure holiday that will stick in your mind forever.