Informative Soweto day tour

Guided Soweto Full Day Tour

Guided Soweto Full Day Tour

Soweto, like the city of Johannesburg was linked to the discovery of gold back in the 1800’s. This Guided Soweto day tour will not only show you this side of Johannesburg but many other hidden gems. Most of the inhabitants, mostly black, flock there looking for work on the mines. As the small city started to grow and flourish the first signs of the nation’s dark future started to unfold. In the 1960’s, Soweto was a political platform where many of the protests for equality was borne.

Soweto full day tour

Our Guided Soweto Full day tour of this interesting city covers most of the major attractions from Vilakazi Street, the home of former president Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. We will also visit the Hector Pieterson Memorial.  A pretty sad and dark day for South Africa where a little boy’s life was taken for what was to be known as the ‘Struggle’ for freedom from the oppressing government.

But first things first

To set the tone and give insight into the town. The first attraction of the Soweto Full day tour is the Oppenheimer Tower. This fascinating tower was built by the bricks of demolished homes during the forced relocation’s that brought on what became known as the Group Areas Act. There are 49 steps to walk up. These steps represent the 49 different ‘suburbs’ of old Soweto. Our guide will also spend some time showing you the various areas of segregation between the various tribes. The Zulu people were assigned their own zone.

As were the Sotho, Xhosa and other tribal nations. The tour at the tower is led by Lebo, who by the way, has a crazy sense of humor. Not only does he take you through the dark history of Soweto but includes some lighthearted comments to break the heaviness. His favorite question to ask is: ‘Where did Soweto gets its name from?’  His response is always this. ‘When his people were being relocated, they used to say So Where to?’  Soweto.

Get it? So incredible that a nation can forgive the atrocities inflicted on them and still have a sense of humor.  A tribute to the incredible spirit of the South African people. Lebo will also spend time taking you through the cultural village that illustrates tribal life before the modern day Soweto. Items of interest include the role of the ‘witchdoctor’, ‘Tokoloshi’ ( zombie like creature) and the of course the importance of women in the village. A gem of a spot!!!

The second part of the tour covers a visit to Nelson Mandelas house as well as the Hector Pieterson Memorial.On the way, our guide will take you along the route the Students walked before they were gunned down by the police on 16 June 1976.

Interesting fact about Soweto

Vilakazi Street is the only street in the World that was home to two Nobel Peace Prize Winners. And not only that, the houses of Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu are a mere 500m apart.

Experience more on this Guided Soweto Full Day Tour

After a traditional Soweto lunch, the next section of our Guided Soweto full day tour  takes us on a tour of the Apartheid museum. This place is truly incredible. You will be taken back in history and will gain intimate knowledge into the apartheid system and how the people were treated. A pretty heavy experience emotionally !!!  But something that will also give you  renewed hope in the power of the human spirit and what sacrifices were made for the greater good of this ‘rainbow’ nation known as South Africa

soweto full day tour

Is that a Soweto beer you see? Well yes sir it is indeed. A compulsory item of consumption on our Soweto full day tour.

Enjoy your Soweto Full Day Tour with an Experienced Guide

Our guides for the Soweto and apartheid day tour are borne and bred in the city. Their intimate and first hand knowledge of the history of this bustling town will leave you speechless. Should you not have a full day to experience this fantastic tour check out our Soweto half day tour by clicking on the link.

Our Soweto full day tour starts daily at 09H30. Our guide for the day will meet you at your hotel. We first take the 40 minute drive ( traffic dependent) to our first attraction for the day known as the Oppenheimer Tower. At 10H15 we arrive. We then meet our local specialist guide Lebo who will give a brief overview of the history of Soweto. Lebo will then guide you up the 49 steps to the top of the tower where he will show you a 360 degree view of Soweto. He will also take you through the various areas to be seen and how they were segregated into tribal areas as well as the history of how Soweto was formed. We then take a tour of the cultural village which is situated a mere 5 minutes walk from the Oppenheimer Tower. Lebo will then take you back in time as he tells you about the ancient cultures of the South African people from the influence of ‘witchdoctors’ and the ‘tkoloshi’ ( zombie like creature) to the influence women played in family life.

At 11H00 we take the 10 minute drive through to the Hector Pieterson Memorial where you will learn about the Student Uprising and ultimate deaths of the protestors by the police at the time. We spend about 15 minutes at the memorial.

at 11H15 we take the 5 minute drive through the infamous Vilikazi street. We will spend about 20 minutes in Nelson Mandelas old house before he was arrested.

We will spend about 2 hours in Soweto visiting the iconic sights like Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutus old houses as well as a stroll through the world famous Vilakazi Street.

At about 12:30 pm Lunch will be served in a traditional Soweto restaurant

After lunch the Soweto full day tour continues at 1:30pm with a visit to the Apartheid museum where we will spend about 2 hours exploring the history of the country and its struggle for freedom. We aim to finish the tour of the museum at about 15H30.

Back in the hotel by about 16h15


  • Return transfers from your hotel in Johannesburg
  • Traditional lunch in Soweto
  • Guide
  • All museum and memorial entrance fees (including the Apartheid Museum)
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Dedicated Trip Planner
  • Local Taxes


  • Flights and airport taxes
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Visas for South Africa
  • Health requirements (if any)
  • Optional but highly recommended travel and medical insurance.
  • Snacks, personal medicine
  • Meals & drinks not specified
  • Spend time in the Apartheid Museum
  • Iconic tour of main attractions in Soweto
  • Free pick up and drop off at Hotel
  • Experienced Guide
  • Unique and Interactive Tour
  • Only 20KM from JHB