Top Things to Do in Cape Town

Top Things to Do in Cape Town

Cape Town Table Mountain

Cape Town is the pride and Mother City of South Africa. From its laid back vibe to its mixture of cultures and of course the magnificent backdrop of the magnificent Table Mountain, this city is a traveller’s paradise. You are going to love it here!! Us poor old land lubbers that stay up country are making our vacation destination Cape Town.

For us local South Africans it is one of the best destinations due to the fact that there is so much to do. And the variety of things to do is also incredible.

There are pristine beaches to catch up on your tan. Adventure sports abound from kite boarding to abseiling. And of course there are the famous winelands of Stellenbosch.

Here is a breakdown of some the top things to do in Cape Town. This is one of the easiest articles to write as we can’t go wrong. And if you ever visit Cape Town and can prove us wrong-we will eat our hats.

Table Mountain

For some of the best views of the city, you must definitely take a trip to the top of Table Mountain. Situated at over 1000m above  sea level you are guaranteed not to be disappointing.

Cape Town Cable way on Table Mountain

You can either access the top via the cable way or if you are feeling a tad more energetic, take a hike up to the summit. There are a few routes that you can choose from.

The shortest route up takes about 2.5 hours and starts at the cable-way station. Once on top, you are going to have to take about 30 minutes just to absorb the incredible scenery of Cape Town.

Once you have sort of come back to your senses, you can grab a drink or a bite to eat at the restaurant before heading down. The only real problem with getting up Table Mountain is the weather. As with most coastal towns, bad weather and mist is pretty common. The cable car is closed when conditions get bad or if there is high winds.

What about a glass of wine on Lions Head? Oh okay if you insist

One of the most incredible and relaxing chill out sessions in Cape Town is watching the sun set on top of Lions Head with a good glass of wine.

Cape Town Lions head

The climb up only takes 45 minutes but is well worth it.

You will be rewarded with some of the best views of the Mother City, the ocean and of course the Pride of Cape Town-Table Mountain of course.

Oh, and we said a glass of wine. Not the whole bottle. You still need to walk back down again.

Chapman’s Peak to Cape Point Drive

Cape Town Chapmans Peak Drive

Okay so I have traveled all over the world I am not shy to say that this is probably one of the most scenic coastal drives in the world.

The road winds along the vertical cliffs of Table Mountain. How awesome is that? It feels like a scene out of an old James Bond Movie scene.

The destination is Cape Pint. I mean Point. Although a good pint of the amber fluid would be a perfect setting as you watch the Indian and Atlantic oceans collide into each other in a majestic and powerful scene of Nature in all her glory.

Boat ride to Robben Island

Cape town robben island day trips

Although Cape Town is a city of awesomeness, it also has darker side to it. This darker side goes by the name of Robben Island. It was the home to many political prisoners in the Apartheid era including Nelson Mandela.

This tour is a must!! You will get an in-depth view and insight into the conditions and characters that made up the prison. There will be some heart felt stories from former prisoners.

But all in all, although sobering, is something that will touch your heart and give travelers insight into how Mandela became such an inspiration to millions.

Spend a day at the Bay Harbor Market

This incredible market is only open on the weekends. Yes we can hear you groaning from here. But it is what it is. And what makes this market so special you may be wondering? Well it gives you a break from the abseiling and other crazy adventure activities that you’ve been doing. Right? Yes of course we are right. The Bay Harbor Market is full of artisans and vendors from around Cape Town. You can buy anything from Fish Stews to traditional art to jewelry my mother in law who may we add is on special this week.  And of course there is a variety of cocktails, craft beers and wines to keep you from dying of thirst. And to add to the vibe, a live band is usually playing.  All in all? A really awesome day out.

The Kirstenbosch Gardens

Cape Town kirstenbosch botanical gardens

I’m beginning to think I am repeating myself with every tour description. We always seem to describe them with the words ‘awesome and have to do’.

Well having said that- Let’s add Kirstenbosch Gardens list of top things to do in Cape Town. These magnificent gardens are set against the slopes of Table Mountain.

They have been said to be the ‘most beautiful gardens in Africa’. And when you visit you will see why. The variety of flora is stunning. You will see the local ‘fynbos’ as well as a host of plants from the all over the continent.

Surfing at Muizenberg Beach

Yes we know. We’ve heard it all before. Go surfing in Muizenberg? But I can’t surf. Isn’t that what adventure is all about? Stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something different? Not only will you get a bit of exercise to work of those many fine evenings of wining and dining, but you will experience this laid back town as well. If you are not up for the surfing, stress not. There are plenty of other activities to do.

See the cutest penguins ever at Boulders Beach

Cape Town Boulders Beach penguins

Did we mention the cutest penguins ever?

These little guys are going to be the highlight of your tour and should definitely be on your list of top things to do in Cape Town.

Although you cannot interact with them, the boardwalk that you walk over gives you a really close encounter with these tuxedo cladded birds.

Wine and dine in Stellenbosch

Cape Town Winelands Stellenbosch

Okay so one of those tours where you are going to need a designated driver. There is an incredible selection of wine farms to visit. And of course you are not going to leave without tasting the wines.

Finish the day in the town of Stellenbosch.

There is such a selection of side walk cafes and restaurants that you may decide that you need to stay another week to take it all in.

Want to share your tips and advice? Got questions? Post a comment below or  ask questions, get answers, meet people, and share your tips!

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