Adventure Travel Company

Adventure travel Company

Adventure Travel Company – How do you know you have chosen well? 

Adventure travel company choices – this is how you know you have chosen well! South Africa Adventures has come a long way since our humble beginnings. Our learning curve into the adventure travel arena started as bearded adventurers armed only with a dodgy laptop, personalities and humor to try and make it into the world of adventure travel. And we have done it all. From climbing some of the most dangerous and highest mountains in the world to getting charged by elephants in the Kruger park.


And of all the adrenaline packed tours we have done, quitting our safe corporate jobs to start an adventure travel company was by far the most fearful and daunting experience we have ever been through. But 10 years later and here we are. Every trip, every experience and every interaction with our clients has allowed us to learn and grow into South Africa’s number one adventure travel company. Our passion for people and adventure mixed with our 15 years of corporate experience has allowed us to not only create some incredible adventure tours but to manage them as professionally as smoothly as possible.

Little did we know 10 years ago that adventure travel in South Africa would become the fastest growing tourism category in the world? We would love to put it down to our superior forward planning and instinctive business acumen, but alas, the company was formed purely on our passion for outdoor adventures like hiking, SCUBA diving and safaris that we so actively participated in. Our dream of creating and running a successful adventure travel company has been incredible and we will continue in our efforts to discover unique and mind-blowing travel experiences for our clients and soon to become friends.

Why Choose South Africa Adventures as your Adventure Travel Company ?

Our philosophy as an adventure travel company has, and always will be one of responsible tourism coupled with integrity and support of the local communities that make our unique tours possible.

What sets us aside from other adventure travel companies?

Small groups: We believe that in order for us to offer you an experience that you will never forget, we prefer to toss out the air-conditioned buses packed with 30 people and a microphone clad tour guide and include tours small groups where we are able to give you a more authentic and intimate adventure experience.

Locations: We are born and bred in South Africa and have travelled all over this incredible country. And we believe we have found some of the best, ‘off the beaten track’ locations for our adventures.  We don’t do crowds. We don’t do run of the mill adventures.

Balance: Just because adventure travel involves some epic activities that will leave you breathless, we also believe in balance. Our tours are a unique combination of adventure and free time.

We get it: An adventure vacation in South Africa is big deal. And you don’t want to fly half way across the world for a mediocre experience. Through our experience we have learnt exactly what our travellers want. Our various adventure packages whether they are diving vacations, safaris or hiking trips are all designed for you to not only see the incredible locations but to live them to. Our tours re packed with cultural interactions that add a unique flavor to the vacation.

In closing, we are proud to say that we are an adventure travel company in South Africa that is making a difference to the lives of not only our clients but the network of communities, guides and families that make our adventures happen. The more successful we are as a company, the more we can grow and sustain the many families that depend on tourists into our young and upcoming rainbow nation of South Africa.

Adventure travel companies play a role in joining people from all walks of life together. Adventure has always ignited the human spirit and through the endeavors of sharing in an epic experience has shed the perceived sense of who we are in the reality of our everyday lives. Adventure allows you to live in the moment. It allows people to connect on a ‘human’ level.

This is an incredible thing that we love being a part of. When walking in the bush in the Kruger, or climbing the highest mountain in South Africa, the animals or mountains don’t care if you are a millionaire or a postman, we are all equal in the eyes of nature and adventure induced fear.

And the best part about writing this blog? It was done sitting on top of our 1991 Landrover defender watching the African sun set behind the bush while sipping a good red wine. So our adventure spirit is alive and kicking even when choosing our locations to write blogs!

Choose from our wide variety of adventure tours and join us for the adventure of your life!

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