One day safaris from Johannesburg

One day safaris from Johannesburg

Best and most popular one day safaris from Johannesburg with South Africa Adventures 

One day safaris from Johannesburg are the perfect way to spend an extra day in or around JHB! Are you travelling to Johannesburg and you have a day spare? Then you definitely have to look at treating yourself to the ultimate wildlife adventure-an African safari in just one day!!!  But of course, the question of where to go arises. We have compiled this article give you a better understanding of what we believe are the 3 top one day safaris from Johannesburg.

Our selection criteria on one day safaris from Johannesburg

Okay, so let’s start at the beginning. What is a ‘safari’? Many tour options available on the internet have been classified as ‘safaris’ but are not in actual fact that. The word ‘safari’ implies ‘an expedition to view animals in their natural environment’. Not in a cage. Not in a ‘glorified zoo’, not in a game farm with limited space and feeding areas to attract animals for our pleasure-in their natural environment. Our policy at South Africa Adventures is to create safari day tours from Johannesburg that are specifically aimed at supporting game parks where:

  • Animals roam freely in their natural environment
  • The game reserves and rangers subscribe to the proper game reserve code of ethics.

What to expect on our one day safaris from Johannesburg-How we roll!!!!

So now that you know what a ‘safari’ means you can get an idea of what to expect. The animals are free roaming in the natural environment. We have no idea where they are going to be. So how do we ensure the success of our tours? Well first of all, you are going to be accompanied with a qualified FGASA (Field Guide Association of South Africa) ranger foe the duration of your tour. Why is this so important? They have an absolute passion for the bush. And not only can they use the knowledge and experience to try and find the animals (based on the type of trees, geology, spoor, dung and so forth) but they can give you a wealth of information on the animal and tree species as you find them.

One day safaris from Johannesburg with SA Adventures

And a safari is not just about finding the BIG 5. (lion, leopard, African buffalo, Rhino and elephant). It is also about exploring the many wonderful qualities the various plant species and smaller animals have to offer. For example, many of the plants have medical properties for both humans and animals.

And there is a host of unanswered questions that only our rangers can share with you. How do zebra protect themselves from lions? What do elephants mostly die from? How do geological factors and the type of rock affect plant species? How symbiosis to ecology effect animal populations? So many incredible facts that will leave you will an appreciation for nature and what it can teach us humans.

Our selection of showcase safaris tours

  1. The Pilanesberg National Park

This is not only our most popular safari day tour but also our favorite. This incredible wild life haven is situated in an extinct volcano that has formed a ring complex of mountains. This means the animals are sort of confined within the natural border of the ‘crater’. We love this place!! -Never a dull moment here!!

There is an abundance of wildlife with a very high chance of spotting animal species like zebra, elephant, wildebeest, impala, giraffe, rhino and lion. The drive from Johannesburg takes just over 2 hours and is situated in the North West province. We spend at least 7 hours on an open air game vehicle experiencing this incredible game reserve. And that is exactly how this safari has to be enjoyed.

In an open air game vehicle, a passionate ranger, good company and of course a homemade lunch in one of the many hides that overlook watering holes favored by the animals. The Pilanesberg is so diverse in terms of the geology and terrain. And there is always something to show you. If the animals are shy there is an abundance of bird and plant species to show you.

And believe it or not, trees are pretty interesting and serve a lot of purposes in nature. But of course you would need to join us on one of our safari day tours to learn more.  The tour departs Johannesburg at 6 in the morning and arrives back at about 20h00. A long but epic day out though!! At least you can catch up on some sleep on route.

  1. Mabula game Lodge

This game lodge is situated about 2 hours north of Johannesburg in the province of Limpopo close to the Waterberg mountain range-Another gem of a spot. The terrain is so African-Thick bush and an abundance of animals. What is pretty cool about this safari is that it is situated on a private game lodge, which means there are fewer people.

This of course adds to that feeling of going back in time. The character of this safari and the surrounding area is totally different from that of the Pilanesberg. The reserve is smaller and the roads are all off-road and can only be accessed on an open air game vehicle.

The remoteness of the place is what gives it that magical feeling. Some of the incredible game viewing sighting have included lion, the Prince of Nature-the cheetah, giraffe and the mighty African elephant. Mabula is an extraordinary place. The terrain that ranges from grassland to rocky outcrops is home to an incredible array of creatures including the Big 5.

And if they are in hiding there is over 60 animal species, 300 bird species and over 100 plant species, an ecological heaven for any wildlife enthusiast. The safari tour departs Johannesburg at 05H30 and arrives back at about 19h00. And of course there is about 7 hours set aside for the thrill and anticipation of seeking out your favorite animal or tree.

One of the really cool part of the tour is breakfast in an authentic Afrikaans restaurant on route. This area really gives you a feel for the soul and heritage of the Afrikaans people. Maybe a ‘Klippies and Coke’ and biltong is in order after the safari. What on earth is that you may be wondering? Well you are just going to have to join us on a tour to find out.  And we promise you it will be a pleasant finding out. And well worth the babalas afterwards. Another little secret we are not going to part with until you are on the tour.

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