Soweto and Johannesburg day tour

A city with a rich culture, heritage and history. Explore more on our Soweto and Johannesburg day tour

If you are lookimng for some genuine and insightful information for a Soweto and Johannesburg day tour then we are you guys!!! Let us start out by introducing ourselves to you. We are Rasta, Lebo, Tezz and Darren. We where born in the city of Gold and come from very different backgrounds, neighbourhoods and upbringings. What a way to give you a true persepective on the past, present and future scenarios of both Soweto and Johannesburg. We will try and give you as much info as we can in this article but the best way to experience the soul of these cities is to join us on a guided day tour with us.

What’s the hype with a soweto and Johannesburg Day tour?

But first things first-let’s get to know each other

Rasta and Tezz. 

You will love these guys. They are brothers born in the remote part of the Eastern Cape but brought up in Johannesburg. They were raised by their mother who is now 72  and resides in a township called Diepsloot. Rasta has recently been given a 15% Directorship in South Africa Adventures due to the fact that he is a gem of a person who has a passion for what he does. He always goes the extra mile and is cool, calm and collected. A great person to spend a guided day tour with.

A post Apartheid perspective

Being brought up on the streets of Johannesburg, Soweto and Diepsloot, both Rasta and Tezz will be able to give you first hand accounts of what it is like to grow up in South Africa post apartheid as a black man. Both are seriously positive and truthful about what they feel is reeling going on with the politics, changes and future of South Africa. You will come away with a greater understanding of not only the culture, heritage and history of the points of attraction you visit, but will also get to see a gentle and deeper part of the South African physche. Meet them on one of our Soweto and Johannesburg day tours.

Get up up Satnd Up

If you do not fall in love with Rasta, we will eat our hats. And don’t get sidelined by his name. No he is not a weed dealer. In fact, he is far from it. His dream is to open up a church in remote South Africa and help people. He got the nickname from his ‘bob marley’ style dreadlocks.


Ahhh. The crazy man Lebo. You can’t help falling in love with the charasmatic guy. He is born and bred in Soweto. He knows every nook and cranny of this fascinating Township. If you go on a guided day tour with him, it will also seem like he knows every person in the township ( including the ladies). ‘Casanova’ Lebo looks after the Credo Mutwa cultural village. A gem of spot in the heart of Soweto. One the main attractions on our day tours. But keep any open mind if you join us here. You will get to see a very different perspective into South African culture.

Zombies and the World Trade Centre prediction

Lebo takes you around the village which is a collection of sculptures created by the african sharmen known as Credo Mutwa. Lebo will explain the significance of each to you including the role of woman in tribal society, the witchdoctor and of course, the elusive ‘Tokoloshi’ ( a zombie type creature that follws people around). The highlight of this tour is the painting by Credo in 1971 predicting the World Trade Centre attacks in 1991. Something worth seeing for sure. Only on our Soweto and Johannesburg day tours.

Mandela House, Vilakazi Street and Klip Town

Part of the Soweto and Johannesburg guided day tour includes a visit to Mandela House and Vilakazi Street. We also like to take our guests through to the Klip Town Precint. This is part of our Community Based Tourism initiative. Lebo will take you on a guided walk through the streets to get a feel for the area. And your contributions form the sale of our tickets will be funneled into the community to help better their living standards. We also support the community centre there. The centre is commited to sustainbale skill development for the kids.

A tour to understand the Pre Apartheid Perspective

Lebo was raised during the aprtheid era. He will tell you first hand  stories of what he went through. Some sad stories. Some inspiring stories. But ever smiling and a tad whacked out is Lebo’s style. Ask him to take you to the local shebeen ( tavern) for a local beer after the tour to see how he shines.


Darren was brought up in the 80’s. Although he was only a teenager at the time, he did grow up in the Apartheid era. Darren is a tower of knowledge when it comes to the history and facts of Johannesburg.  Learn how rthe discovery gold back in the late 1800’s spurred on the development and destiny of Jozi. Spending time with him, you will also get an insight into what it was like as a white person living in the pre and post apartheid era. Brought up in the suburbs of Johannesburg He will give you an insight into how  propaganda and fear was also used against the white people to intice them to beleive in the ideologies of the puppet regime of the time. You will also learn a lot about this on the apartheid museum tour. 

The puppet masters

White men were forced to serve 2 years in the army lest they face charges of treason against the state. And of course, there were the lies spread in the media and through the schooling system. A very different story to tell compared to Lebo.

A special bond of friendship

Rasta, Lebo and Darren, although from different walks of life have developed a truly amazing bond. ‘A brother from another mother’, is the term Lebo uses to describe Darren. Spending time with these guys and you will see and feel that special bond between them. They look out for each other. And of course….as is with South African culture, they are always teasing and joking with each other. Something our oversees guests either find refreshing or find it wierd. Stress not. South Africans are very open minded and still see banter as a term of endearment. Hopefully you will give them as much banter as they will give you.

What points of attraction do we visit on the tour?

Now that you’ve got a better understanding of our guides and how we roll, here are the spots that we include in our Soweto and Johannesburg guided day tour.

  • Mandela House
  • Apartheid Museum
  • Vilakazi Street
  • Klip Town
  • Johanneburg City
  • Constitution Hill
  • Credo Mutwa Cultural Village
  • Hector Pieterson Memorial

What the tour includes:

  • Guide for the duration of your day tour
  • Lunch at Maggies. A traditional Soweto restaurant. We don’t do the commercial reatuarants unless you really want to. We like to keep the tours real and support the local communities.
  • All the entrance fees
  • Hotel pick up and all transfers to the various attractions

There you have it folks. If you are looking at experiencing Soweto and Johannesburg from a different perspective, then look at booking one of our fully guided day tours. Or give drop us a whatsupp to chat about options.

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