Pilanesberg Safari From Johannesburg

Let’s face it. There is definitely something about a safari in South Africa that fuels the human spirit. The history and culture of this rainbow nation isn’t stored in man made structures. You get to feel the spirit of this fascinating country in the stories of our people, the roar of a lion and the majestic scenery of the African bush.

The ancient plains of the Pilanesberg will tear down any preconceptions that any television documentary has created. Experiencing a Pilanesberg safari from Johannesburg for yourself will leave with a lot more. It may be the fresh grassland smell, the thundering silence of elephants or perhaps the silhouette of an acacia tree or the majestic aura of a rhino.

Our Pilanesberg safari from Johannesburg is one of the best ways to experience the thrill of an authentic South African Safari.

Do you have limited time?

Our one day tour is perfect for travelers will little time on their hands. The Pilanesberg is the closest Big 5 National Park to Johannesburg. A mere 2hours drive and you are there. The duration of our day tours here are typically between 11 and 12 hours. Take the 5 hours set aside for the transfer to the Pilanesberg and back, we are left with say 6 hours allocated to the actual safari experience.

Our tours leave daily at 6am and return back to Johannesburg again by about 6pm. There are also multi day safari options available if you have a bit more time and would like to extend your Pilanesberg safari experience. The tour options we have available include the 2 day and 3 day experiences. We feel anything longer than that is too much. Although the park is 55,000h hectares big, we can only access about 15,000 hectares of that due to conservation purposes. So in 3 days we can cover a lot of that. You may start to get bored with the safari if you decide to stay any longer.

What animals can be seen on a typical Pilanesberg safari?

The Pilanesberg is 55,000 hectares of sheer awesomeness. The park is packed with a variety of free roaming wild animals that include the Big 5 (lion, rhino, elephant, African buffalo and leopard) as well as a host of other indigenous species. You are pretty much guaranteed of seeing zebra, impala, hippo, giraffe, wildebeest, warthog and the odd Chinese tourist. The safari is led by one of our experienced rangers.

He has intimate knowledge of the Pilanesberg including the fauna, flora and hopefully where to find them. It has to said that the animals on the reserve are free roaming. This means that they are not kept in specific areas or enticed to an area with supplementary food. We need to drive around looking for the animals. How cool is that? The way a proper safari should be done. Keeps the excitement and sense of expectation on the tour alive.

What are the chances of seeing lion?

We estimate your chances at 50/50. Although the probability is dramatically increased at dusk and early morning. You would need to be booked on an overnight safari to embark on those game drives.

How far is the Pilanesberg from Johannesburg?

The distance is only about 160km but the time to get thee from Johannesburg can take up to 2 hours. This is due mainly to the traffic conditions inter city as well as the road conditions. Single lane roads and trucks play havoc with our travel arrangements.

What tour options are available?

As mentioned, there are various safari tour options that travelers can choose from. These are divided into the following:

Pilanesberg day tour

A full day safari that includes 6 hours of wildlife viewing on an open-air game vehicle, transfers from Johannesburg, lunch, guide and park entrance fees.

Budget Pilanesberg day tour

A full day safari that is pretty much similar to our standard Pilanesberg safari. The only difference is that the game drive is conducted in an air-conditioned minivan. The tour still includes the 6 hours of wildlife viewing, park fees, return transfers from Johannesburg and the guide. Lunch is on your account. And no you can’t eat the elephants to save money.

Overnight camping safari

Indulge your senses on a 2 day overnight Pilanesberg safari. Experience an authentic camping experience a South African style. We basically spend the 2 days on safari observing the animals. The accommodation is in tents. If there is one thing you need to experience in South Africa, that is a traditional braai (BBQ) around a roaring camp fire under the stars. With a beer or two of course.

Overnight chalet safari

If the thought of sleeping in a campsite tent is just too much for your city slicking habits to handle, then you should consider upgrading to a chalet. At least you have a bed and shower to come back to. The 2 days are still jam packed with over 12 hours of safari, traditional BBQ, guide, transfers from Johannesburg and park entrance permits.

Two day luxury Pilansberg safari

This is an incredible overnight safari for travelers who are looking at a more luxurious approach the Pilanesberg. Stay in a 4 star safari lodge that includes scrumptious meals, open air game drives and the chance to unwind and enjoy the lodge facilities.

Three day luxury Pilanesberg safari

Enjoy 2 nights in a luxurious safari lodge. The tour includes multiple daily game drives, all meals, transfers from Johannesburg and a guide. There is also plenty of downtime to enjoy the lodge facilities. You can choose to lounge by the pool, go for a massage or enjoy an ice cold beer in the many lounges and bars.

Journey with South Africa Adventures through the magnificent Pilanesberg National Park that is abundant with wildlife and possesses a beauty unique to South Africa. The entire area was once a volcano that collapsed into the iconic ring complex of hills that make up the Pilanesberg today. A perfect setting for a home of wild animals.

What really makes the park interesting is the diverse eco systems that occur here. Th landscape, plant life and soil structure can change within just a few kilometers. The type of fauna, down to the ph and structure of the soil has ensured a diverse abundance of wild animals. To give you an idea of what to except on a safari in the Pilanesberg, here is a list of wild animals and their estimated population figures

Lion: 150 | Elephant: over 250 | Rhino: classified due to the threat of rhino poaching | Cheetah: 8 | Leopard: 30 | Zebra: over 500 | Impala: over 1000 | Giraffe: over 100 | Hippo: over 40 | Wildebeest: over 1200

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