Kruger park Safari

4 Day Kruger Park Safari Getaway

Join us on an authentic Kruger Park Safari. At 20,000 square kilometers, the Kruger National Park is arguably the finest safari destination in South Africa and offers an abundance of wildlife viewing opportunities. Travelers are virtually guaranteed to see every large animal of the Kruger and wider eco-system. Renowned for its predators – especially lions, leopards and cheetahs – and with plenty of elephants favouring the Southern and central plains of the bushveld, the Kruger Park dazzles even the most hardened safari critics.

Why book a 4-day Kruger Park safari with South Africa Adventures?

Our safari guides have an absolute passion for the bushveld and wild animals of the Kruger. They have traveled extensively throughout South Africa having seen and experienced everything they need to create a totally mind-blowing Kruger Park safari experience.

We will give you the Kruger Park Safari you really want

This 4-day Kruger park safari has been designed from a locals perspective. The tour is a depiction of how we as South Africans enjoy a safari. This includes where we stay, the safari drives, the food we eat and of course how we eat…. under the African skies besides a roaring fire with a nice glass of wine.

We know the Kruger!!

We have been involved in Kruger Park Safaris since we were toddlers. We have been through the safari experience learning curve and have hopefully created a unique and interactive travel experience for our guests.

Better to book directly with us

We handle all of the logistics from the transport, accommodation, food, safari drives and the lamest wildlife jokes ever. Leave the planning and stress of organising a 4 day Kruger Park safari to us.

Round the clock advice and support

We totally understand. Traveling to a foreign country, let alone a Kruger Safari can be quite daunting sometimes. We are here to guide you through all aspects of your tour. Our safari experts are on call via Whatsapp or online chat. So, no matter how weird your question may seem, please feel free to contact us for a chat. Just please don’t ask us for advice on the stock exchange or who the next US president will be?

Value for Money

We believe this 4 day Kruger Park tour is the best value for money you can get. We try and include bespoke experiences with a more personal touch. We do not do big groups. Big bus tours are out!!

About the tour

This jam-packed 4 day/3-night Kruger Park safari adventure is dedicated to giving you a truly unique wildlife and cultural experience. We have included 2 full days on safari with our ranger, 3 nights’ accommodation in an awesome spot that overlooks the crocodile river in to the Kruger Park, plenty of downtime to cool off in the pool with an ice cold beer as well as some real good South African food.

When do our tours depart?

Our departure times are dependent on bookings. We just need 48 hours’ notice to organise the trip. If we have a minimum of 2 people, we will make it happen.

What if I am a solo traveller?

Can get a bit tricky. Please contact us to see the available dates. We would then slot you into an existing safari to save on costs.  We could of course take you alone, but the cost would just be way to expensive. Unless of course you happen to have Liberia’s entire deficit in your pocket.

When is the best time to go?

Safari time is any time. You may want to avoid the busy seasons which are the Easter and Christmas holidays in South Africa. The Kruger will be busy and makes our lives a living nightmare with accommodation bookings, long queues to get into the Kruger Park and traffic jams at the lion sightings.  Yes the grass may be a tad longer in the rainy seasons from say November to March but we still see a lot of wildlife.

Kruger Park Safari costs explained

We are committed to giving you the best possible Kruger Park safari that is within your budget. Our tours have been created to make the most of your time and money. We will include as many upfront costs as possible, so you don’t get any nasty surprises on the safari. You can view all of these in our ‘inclusions’ section.

The 4 main factors that influence the cost:

  1. Your accommodation

After the transport, accommodation makes up a hug percentage of the overall safari cost. Where you stay will influence the cost a lot. Our accommodation suppliers have been chosen on value for money and location. This particular tour will include a 3 star lodge. The costing is worked out on a per person sharing basis.  So, if your name is Norman Nofriends and need a  room for yourself…be prepared for an extra cost.

  1. Travel times and peak seasons

As with the seasons of weather, so are the seasons of travel. Peak times like December and Easter are always going to bump up the pricing a tad. Always best to travel in low season. It is also better from a traffic perspective. The Kruger can get super busy in the peak seasons.

  1. The transport

This is the other big cost in any safari tour. All of our Kruger park safaris include return transfers from Johannesburg. The Southern part of the Kruger where we like to go is over 400km away from Johannesburg. The costing is worked out on the age old ‘economies of scale’ principle. The more people we get the less expensive the pricing.

  1. Size matters

Basically, the bigger the group the less the cost. A lot of the costs like transport, guide fees and food costs can be distributed among a larger group. So, round up your friends pardner.

Day 1

Pick up time is 8:30 am from your hotel. Our guide will meet you in the reception area. We then take the 5 hour drive through to the southern part of the Kruger Park. We stop at a place called Milleys at about 11am for lunch. We should arrive at the safari lodge by about 3pm. The rest of the afternoon is all yours to unwind and relax. If you are up for a late afternoon game drive, we can organise for you (an extra cost for this). Dinner is served from 7pm around the fire.

Day 2

An early wake up!! The full day safari leaves at 5:15am. We will include a breakfast pack for you to eat on the drive. We stop at about 12 for lunch in the park. Back at the lodge by about 3:30pm. The rest of the day is all yours. Dinner at 7pm.

Day 3

An early wake up!! The full day safari leaves at 5:15am. We will include a breakfast pack for you to eat on the drive. We stop at about 12 for lunch in the park. Back at the lodge by about 3:30pm. The rest of the day is all yours. Dinner at 7pm.

Day 4

We aim to depart the lodge for the journey back to Johannesburg by 10am. We should be able to drop you at your hotel by about 4pm.


  • Return transfers from Johannesburg to the southern Kruger Park area
  • 3 nights’ accommodation in a 3-star safari lodge overlooking the Crocodile River. (only a few minutes from the Crocodile Bridge gate into the Kruger Park itself)
  • Guide for the duration of your tour
  • 2 full day safaris (1 day in an open air vehicle and 1 day in a closed air-conditioned vehicle.) It gets hot and dusty sometimes. Hence the airconditioned vehicle.
  • Breakfast on Day 2,3 and 4
  • Dinner on Day 1,2 and 3
  • All park entrance fees


  • Breakfast and lunch on Day 1
  • Lunch on Day 4
  • Drinks
  • Any other extra activities/game drives.
  • All logistics taken care of by us
  • Includes return transfers to the Kruger from Johannesburg
  • 2 full days of safari with our ranger in the Kruger National park
  • Plenty of downtime to relax, unwind and take in the magic of the South African bush
  • Visit the Southern part of the Kruger-an area known for its abundance of wildlife sightings that include elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard and host of other amazing and indigenous species.
Kruger park Safari