2 day Pilanesberg Safari from Johannesburg

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Do you have a few days spare and would love to experience the wonders of an authentic South African Safari?

Then you have got to join us on our 2 day Pilanesberg tented safari from Johannesburg!

Let us start by saying that our guides and rangers are born and bred in South Africa. Our passion besides rugby and cricket (and maybe a few cold beers around a fire) is the African bush. Most of us have been dragged by our parents since we were toddlers to campsites and game reserves throughout South Africa. And with that has come a wealth of valued experience from a safari and hospitality point of view!!!

Meat is meat and a man must eat!!!

Not only were we exposed to the magnificent wildlife but were taught the intricate art of camping, making fires and focusing on the task of making sure the ‘braai’ was all sorted.  Now what in the world is a braai I hear you asking? Well, it’s known as a BBQ the world over. But we’d like to go a step further if we dare and say our BBQ’s are a way better. I know. Before you have us lynched for our uncalled for comment let us indulge you further. So firstly we have the most incredible bushveld wood that we make a fire with. Take the humble Kameeldoring tree.

It is one the best types of wood to not only make a fire with but to cook meat with. It gives the meat that beautiful ‘woody and smoky’ flavor that is distinctly South African. And of course….what can be better than chilling next a roaring fire, slugging back on an ice cold beer or red wine while you slowly gnaw on your steak. And….all of this in the surrounds of your quaint Pilanesberg campsite after an incredible day in the bush viewing wild animals in their natural environment.

Close but no cigar

So yes, the Pilanesberg is just 2.5 hours away from the bustling city of Gold known as Johannesburg. Yes. An authentic and interactive 2 day Pilanesberg safari is close but without the cigar. We prefer to substitute the cigar with lions, elephants, rhino, leopard, zebra, an abundance of antelope and buck, giraffe, warthog and birds. A lot of people opt for the 1 day tour, but man…..you need to experience an overnight adventure for sure. It gives our ranger more time to show you a lot more of the various areas of the Pilanesberg as well as introduce you to a true South African camping experience.

Too tense for you?

If there are 4 of you traveling then yes, it will be two tents for you.  As mentioned, our 2 day Pilanesberg safari has been designed to give our guests a truly authentic South African camping and safari experience. How we roll? We set up a camp site in either the Manyane or Bakgatla camps. We make use of proper canvass tents that just ooze ‘safariness’. And yes we understand, you’ve got a bad back and can’t sleep on the hard floor.

So we have included comfortable camping stretchers with a mattress. And jjst to make sure you don’t lose touch of those creature comforts, we even have a bedside light, duvets and fluffy white pillows. The rest of the camp comprises of a cooking/mess/communal tent. Most of the dinners are served under the stars next to roaring camp fire. But occasionally we are forced under the mess tent when it rains.

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So what does the typical tours activities comprise of?

Let us just start by saying that if this brute of a 2 day Pilanesberg safari from Johannesburg could sprout chest hair it would be called Arnold Schwartzenneger.  The tour is jammed packed with game drive, wild animals, camp fires, traditional South African food and good old fashioned fun. Our guests are picked up on the first day in Johannesburg by one of our safari clad/crocodile Dundee  looking rangers who will be your host for the duration of the trip. You then take the 2.5 hour drive through to the Pilanesberg with a refreshment break on route of course.

We like to make use of a quaint little spot known as ‘Tan Malies’, a traditional Afrikaans/Boer restaurant that has been around for over 70 years. After the ‘Moer Koffie’ its onwards to the Pilanebserg. Upon arrival at 9:30am prepare yourself for a 4 hour drive through the park searching for your first glimpse of your favorite animal. Lunch is served in a hide that is situated next a watering hole favored by elephants.  Then its siesta time in the campsite until 4:30pm.

We then pile you into the game vehicle for a late afternoon/early evening drive. This is the best time to view the nocturnal animals which include…..yes…..the infamous African Lion. Dinner and roaring fire wait your return where we share stories of the bush with a beer or 20. The second day is a full day in the Pilanesberg starting at 6am until 3pm. Then it’s time to bid your hosts and te Pilanesberg a fond farewell and begin the journey back to Johannesburg.

What to expect on this overnight safari?

Well it’s pretty simple really. Ummmm…..authentic camping experience in tents, an abundance of wild animals, good company, bush stories around a fire with an ice cold beer or glass of wine, the sounds of nature, the smell of the South African bushveld and of course the walk of shame to the toilets in the dark dodging the impalas and warthogs on route.

And yes, it may at first seem like South Africa’s largest botanical garden but we promise you that there are animals lurking around nearly every bush. But leave that up to our rangers. Their experience as knowledge of the Pilanesberg will give you a fighting chance to see as many animals as possible. But please also be gentle on our poor safari clad/crocodile Dundee looking rangers. Sometimes the animals don’t want to be seen. And being a natural park comprising 55,000 hectares, sometimes they are hard to find. But rest assured…..our gallant and tenacious ranger will do his best to make your 2 day Pilanesberg safari from Johannesburg a truly memorable one.

All in all?

One heck of a trip that comprises an authentic tented safari experience, good traditional food, wild animals and value for money!!!  Get hold of your South Africa Adventures travel consultant to book your tour today!!!

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