Join our Epic 2 day guided Tugela Falls hike The Tugela falls hike is the perfect hike for novice hikers, families, kids and well….just about anyone who has a love for adventure and the great outdoors. About the Tugela Falls Hike The Tugela Falls hike is rated as one of the top day hikes in the Drakensberg. And once you have been there, you will understand why. Its is incredibly scenic!!! The reward on the escarpment of the Amphitheatre is a panoramic view of the entire Amphitheatre ( of the most impressive cliff faces on Earth), The Sentinel Peak, The

Details of the 3 Day Cathedral Peak Hiking Trail-summit one the few free standing mountains in the Drakensberg If hiking and adventure are you thing, then you have definitely come to the right place. The  Cathedral Peak Hiking Trail has it all. Incredible mountain scenery. The challenge of summiting the peak. And a bit of abseiling!! Cost of the Cathedral Peak hiking Trail adventure R1,900 per person What the Cathedral Peak Hiking Trail cost includes Guides Tents Hiking Permits for 3 days Breakfast and dinner on the mountain Cooking and eating utensils Ropes and harness for the exposed sections near the

List of upcoming Drakensberg hikes for 2021 This is the list of upcoming Drakensberg hikes so far for 2021. Can’t find a date that suites you? Stress not. Just contact us and we will try and accommodate you. Our minimum group size is set at 4 people. If you are a solo traveler, you can join one of our many tour options. ike Date Duration Cost Difficulty Distance Mnweni 26-28 Feb 3 days R1,800 Challenging 42km Cathedral Peak 12-14 March 3 days R1,800 Moderate 21km Cathedral peak 20-22 March 3 days R1600 Moderate 21km Mnweni  26-28 March 3 days R1,900

There is no better gift than adventure We offer Adventure Travel Gift Vouchers from R500 to R50,000. “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” What do you get someone who already has everything? We all know of that person that has lots of materialistic ‘stuff’. Who needs more of it? If there is one thing that you can’t ever have too much of, it’s memories. Studies have shown that experiences bring people more happiness than material possessions. Take adventure travel for example… the anticipation of the adventure often brings an additional element to the ‘happiness factor’

Details of the 3 Day Mnweni Hike-the most scenic hike in the Drakensberg There is no better way to enjoy the sheet magnificence of the Drakensberg. Join us on this 3 day, 2 night Mnweni Hiking Trail in the northern part of the mountains Mnweni. Cost of the hike R1,900 per person What the cost includes Guides Tents Hiking Permits for 3 days Breakfast and dinner on the mountain Cooking and eating utensils What the cost excludes Transport. Hikers will have to meet us at the Mnweni Cultural centre Porters ( they can be hired for R400 a day) Lunches/snacks

The Natal Midlands The Natal Midlands is absolutley gorgeous. If you have never visited the area, be sure to make a plan soon. The area is shrouded in mystery and history with plenty of activities from hiking advenures in the Drakensberg, fishing, biking and running. How did the Natal Midlands get its name? The Midlands is situated between two extremes-the warm coastal forest and the gaunt, snow covered heights of the Drakensberg mountains. It stretches for 200km. Through this undulating landscape of hills, the ground rises from sea level to 1200m at the foot of the Southern Drakensberg. The lower

The Drakensberg… The number one hiking destination in South Africa by a long shot ( sorry Cape Town) is the mighty Drakensberg. These majestic mountains, situated in the province of KwaZulu Natal and the Eastern Cape offers up some fantastic hiking opportunities. The Best part about hiking in the Drakensberg? The sheer diversity! Hike along the rugged escarpment, scramble up majestic mountain passes, follow a stream onto a Gorge-carving waterfall or huff and puff to the top of South Africa’s highest peak where the weather and scenery is notoriously wild. And now for our next number…. We’d like to return

Explore the top walking holidays in South Africa. Guided tours include the bucket list of adventures from the Drakensberg mountains to the Garden Route in the Cape

Ancient craft beer, a witchdoctor and a trek to the highest mountain in South Africa. I’ve been drunk for days, relentlessly rinsing my brain in Umqombothi (traditional Zulu Beer). Good luck trying to say that out loud. The distinctive clicking sound seems to get easier after your umpteenth sip. Through the misty haze of my Umqombothi stupor, I try to ponder how many millions of brain cells are being nuked, but the thought drains from my mind and I return to admiring the incredible scenery of the central Drakensberg. Beer before hike? That is the question We are on a
Drakensberg Hiking Experts Join Our Cathedral Peak Hike Cathedral Peak Hike at its best! The Drakensberg mountain range in South Africa is hikers paradise!! It is also fast becoming one of the top hiking destinations in the world. And it is no wonder!! The range extends roughly north east to south west for over 1,100 kilometers. The average height is 3,100m with the highest summit known as Mafadi situated at a height of 3,451m. The Drakensberg was deservedly named a World Heritage site bank in 2000. The massive towers and spires of basalt and sandstone are unique and incredibly beautiful.