full day tour of Cape Town

Robben Island, Cape Town City and Table Mountain Day Tour

Full Day Tour of Cape Town

Join us on this incredible full day tour of Cape Town that showcases some of the best tourist attractions in the ‘Mother City’. The tour covers Robben Island, Table Mountain, Cape Town City, Bo-Kaap, Company Gardens and the Castle of Good Hope. One of the most iconic tourist attractions in Cape Town is the infamous Robben Island. It was a maximum-security prison that housed various political prisoners including the late Nelson Mandela.

When do the tours operate?

The full day tour of Cape Town tours depart daily from 8am.

What is the pick-up time?

The pickup time is between 7:50am and 8:15am depending on the location of your pick up.

Where does the full day tour of Cape Town tour start?

Our tours include the hotel pick up. You will not need to meet us anywhere. We will come to you. All we need is your hotel name or pick up address for the tour.

What is the duration of the tour?

Approximately 10 hours

What points of attraction do we visit on this full day tour of Cape Town?

  • Robben Island
  • Cable Car to the summit of Table Mountain
  • Bo-Kaap
  • Company Gardens
  • Castle of Good Hope

Robben Island

One of the most iconic islands in the world. Robben Island has been a place of banishment since the 17th century. The Dutch who where the first to arrive in Cape Town used it as a prison for political prisoners. It was also used as a leper colony and animal quarantines. In the Second World War it was armed with some pretty big cannons and used as part of the defense system protecting the Cape Town Harbour from potential Nazi attacks.

In 1961, it was used primarily for the imprisonment of political prisoners. The most famous inmate being Nelson Mandela who was kept there for 27 long years. The tour of Robben Island and the living museum is very informative and is hosted by one of the ex-inmates. This means you pretty much guaranteed firsthand stories of his experience and what happened back in the day of the prison.

The cost of the boat ride is included in the package price. The weather and sea conditions are our main concerns on this part of the day tour. If the sea is too rough boats are not allowed to set sail for Robben Island. There are over 31 shipwrecks around the island so as you can imagine…safety comes first in these scenarios.

Cable Car to the summit of Table Mountain

Ahh yes…Table Mountain. We are pretty sure there is not a soul in the world that does not know this beautiful and iconic mountain that Cape Town is famous for. The cliffs sour up from the city to a hefty height of over 1064m (3490 feet). As you can imagine the views from the top are one of the main attractions that make this day tour so worthwhile.

The tour includes a cable car ride to the top of Table Mountain where we will spend about an hour taking in the panoramic views. Some of the iconic landmarks to be seen is the Atlantic seaboard, the 12 Apostles, V&A Waterfront, Robben Island, Camps Bay and the nudist bathers on Sandy Bay beach. Make sure you bring your binoculars. To get a good view of the ships in the harbour of course. The cost of the cable car is included in the price. *Weather permitting*


The area known as Bo-Kaap is one of the most colourful and neighbourhoods in Cape Town. Known for its vibrancy, colourful iconic houses and tasty food, this tourist attraction just has to be added to the itinerary of any day tour of Cape Town. Situated at the foot of Signal Hill, this bustling little suburb is shrouded in history and culture.

The houses date back to the 1760’s and was formerly known as the Malay Quarter. The houses were rented by slaves. The houses are a mixture of Dutch and Georgian architecture. You cannot miss them. They are painted in bright colours on the steeply cobbled roads. May of the families living there have been there for generations farting back over 300 years.

Company Gardens

Situated in the ‘green lung’ of Cape Town is the area known as the Company Gardens. The area is a historical attraction. It was built in the 1600’s as refreshment and trading station for traders heading through to India. There is a lot to explore here. Points of attraction include a statue of Queen Victoria, the slave quarters and St. Georges Cathedral. The gardens are even home to the oldest cultivated tree in South Africa- a Saffron pear tree that is a whopping 360 years old. Please leave your axes at home for this part of the day tour. We like our tree.

Castle Of Good Hope

Our tour includes a visit to the old Castle of Good Hope. It was built in the 17 Century and is considered the best-preserved example of a Dutch East Company fort. It is also the oldest colonial building in South Africa. It was basically built by the Dutch in 1660 when there were rumors of a British invasion. All in all, a really interesting point of attraction.

1st tour attraction: Robben Island

Our guides will pick you up from your hotel at 8am. We then drive through to the V&A Waterfront. We then take you aboard the Robben Island Ferry which will see you taking the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean channel between Cape Town’s iconic harbour and the infamous island known as Robben Island. The boat ride takes about 20 minutes. *Please take into consideration that the ferry to Robben Island is subject to weather and sea conditions. If we cannot take the boat ride, we will have to adjust our itinerary accordingly. We will also reimburse you the fee for the ferry so you will have some extra cash to drown your sorrows in the local winery. Upon arrival you will embark on a guided bus tour of the island as well as an integrated tour of the prison.  On completion of the tour, we take the ferry back to the mainland where we will proceed with the rest of the day tour.

2nd tour attraction: Bo-Kaap

When you are safely back at the Cape Town harbour, we take a drive through to the area known as the Bo-Kaap. This area is an iconic area historically. Discover how the Malay slaves of the 17th Century influenced the culture, food and feel of Cape Town.

3rd tour attraction: Company Gardens

We then head off to the heart of the central business district to the area known as the Company Gardens. The park is a massive heritage site and was established in the 1650’s by the early Dutch settlers. It was used in the old days as a trading post where passing ships on route to India would purchase fresh fruit and vegetables.

4th tour attraction: Cable car up Table Mountain

A must do attraction for any traveller visiting Cape Town. Enjoy the panoramic views form the summit that includes the 12 Apostles, Robben island, the Atlantic Seaboard, Camps bay and the harbour.

We conclude the day tour of Cape Town, Robben Island and Table Mountain by dropping you back at your hotel.


  • Robben Island Ferry cost
  • Entrance fees and guided tour of Robben Island
  • Return Cable car fee
  • Guide tour of the Bo-Kaap area
  • Guided tour of the Company gardens


  • Lunch
  • Drinks
  • Gratuities
  • Panoramic views from the top of Table Mountain
  • Guided tour of Robben Island
  • Boat ride from V&A Wateerfront to Robben Island
  • Experience the cultural and historical vibe of the Bo-Kaap and slave quarters area.
  • Take a stroll through the company gardens
  • Spend some time at the historical Castle of Good Hope
full day tour of Cape Town