Best Johannesburg Tours

Some 0f the Best Johannesburg Tours  to help you best understand and experience this vibrant and young city

What to see and what to do? Now that is the question

So you are overwhelmed with all the information on the best Johannesburg Tours to best suite your interests. Yeah.We can totally agree with you. There is a whole whack of day tours to choose from. These vary from Pilanesberg safaris, cultural tours to Lesedi and Soweto, city tours, Cradle Humankind tours  and adventures for the more active traveller.

Best Johannesburg Tours that are less touristy

A lot of the Johannesburg day tours are pretty much ‘run of the mill’ type activities. These include points of interest like the Apartheid museum, Lesedi cultural village, Sterkfontein caves and Maropeng. Now don’t get us wrong, these venues are still remarkable terms of the history, information and outlook they give on Johannesburg. But there are also some hidden gems that need to be explored. These include:

  • The Credo Mutwa Cultural Village in Soweto

Our Soweto Tour includes a stop at The village showcases another side to South African heritage and customs. Included in the village are sculptures of Credo Mutwa,a Sharman whoHe was known as an author of books that draw upon African mythology, traditional Zulu folklore, extraterrestrial encounters and his own personal encounters. His most famous painting is the TWIN TOWER BOMBING PREDICTION that he painted in 1979.

  • The Plumari Private Game Reserve

The tour includes a 2.5 hour safari where you will get the chance to see Africas infamous Big 5 (Lion,Rhino, Leopard,Buffalo and Elephant). What makes this tour unique is the collection of ox wagons collected from the Great Trek that the boers made from Cape Town in the 1800’s. There is also a fascinating paleotology walk you can do where you will discover ancient fossils dating back thousands of years. And if time permits, there is is an incredible elephant interaction tour. An incredible experience where you will get up close and personal with 3 African elephants.

  • The Pilanesberg National Park

If wildlife and nature are your thing, then a full day Pilanesberg safari has to be done. One of the best Johannesburg day tours.The reserve is 572 square kilometres of sheer awesomeness. Although the drive there is tiring, the safari experience is well worth it. Animals the are commonly seen in include elephant, impala, zebra, hippo, giraffe, warthog, lion, kudu and rhino to say the least. All free roaming and waiting for you to come and say hello. Be warned.  With a 2 hour drive from Johannesburg, a 5 hour safari and then the long slog back again, it is a long day. If you have the time, maybe consider an overnight safari.Either roughing it in a tent or taking the more luxurious option.

3 day Pilanesberg camping safari and Canopy Tour_Best overnight safaris from Johannesburg
  • Sterkfontein Caves and the Cradle of Humankind

The cradle humankind is home to some of the oldest known Human fossils. Go back in time and discover who you are. Take an underground tour of the Sterkfontein caves and the maropeng exhibition centre.

  • The Lesedi cultural Village

If exploring the local heritage and culture is your thing, then take a swing to The lesedi cultural village.A popular Johannesburg day tour. Discover the 5 main tribes of South Africa.Learn how each Differin terms of  , their dwellings, cultures and beliefs. The highlight of the day tour is the 45 minute traditional drumming session.

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